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Saturday, December 3rd, 2016
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The Work Mom - 6/20/11

Fri, Jun 17th, 2011
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If I Knew Then What I Know Now

With today's uncertain economy and constant discussion about changing retirement and pension changes, I have been ruminating about what I would have done if "I knew then what I know now." Do I know more now that, if given the chance to replay my life, I would make the call to change history? Would I have played it safe and started working with a stable company at that time and started building a great retirement plan? Should have! But seriously, how many young people can even grasp the concept of retirement planning? It sure wasn't on my radar in my early years. No, instead I traveled, worked all of the fun jobs I wanted to try, made as many mistakes as I think my parents' hearts could take, and then waited until the ripe age of 32 to get married and think of children. The unfortunate part of it all was that my mom went into a care center a few months before my wedding and is challenged to remember that I am married and where I live and then my dad passed away before the birth of his grandson. So...if I had to do it all over again...would I? My head and heart are in total disagreement on the topic. I believe that fate knows I wasn't ready to be a "working mom" at an early age and my life cards were played in the correct order. For example, as a working mom, the probability of me traveling abroad would be as likely as me ever being a size 2. Getting time off for vacation, finding someone to watch my child and the dog, and being able to afford it are all considerations once you have family. When I started writing this article a while back, I commented on how life changes once you get married. It's true....I was the girl with designer purses, went to the mall just to look at shoes and then would myself some brand new jeans because happy hour was starting in an hour or two. Now, I buy Walmart so my son gets what he needs first and I carry around my fake designer purses---buying a new Coach is at the bottom of my mom list now. Yes, I believe my life path has been a blessing and my marriage, my child, and work have changed my mindset over the years and, ...I love it! Now, need to go get packed for camping this weekend and watch my son's softball practice. Enjoy this great grilling idea and have a great week!

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