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Tuesday, December 6th, 2016
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Shawnee's serves up a slice of BBQ heaven

By Sheena Tollefson

Sun, Jul 8th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

Do you remember as a kid the long list of foods you didn't like or were unwilling to try? What about the things you didn't like but couldn't live without now as an adult? The biggest two on my list: mustard and barbecue. They're two of my favorite flavors now but you'd have to pull my teeth out before I'd eat them as a youngster.

Now, when I go to restaurants I'm pretty predictable in that anything with BBQ in the name is going to be in the running for my meal of choice. Nothing new there when I went to Shawnee's Bar & Grill in Rushford for a bite to eat. While the special of the day, a chicken burrito topped with green chili sauce and served with nachos and cheese, seemed like a delicious choice, the crunchy bacon BBQ burger won me over.

To compromise with the mexican dish in runners up, we started with an appetizer order of the nachos and cheese. Now, this wasn't your average nacho chips from a bag and a jar of cheese. The homemade chips and cheese were served warm with a light layer of seasoning on both. Possibly the best nacho chips and cheese I've ever had!

After enjoying round one of our meal, the main course arrived. The 1/3 pound hamburger topped with smoked apple wood bacon, perfectly cooked onion rings, cheddar cheese and a smoky BBQ sauce hit just right in my love of barbecue. To top it off it was all placed between a slightly toasted bun, which completes any burger. Along with the BBQ slice of heaven was a pickle spear and perfectly seasoned french fries. Even as my stomach edged towards the feeling of over-indulging, I couldn't help but sneak in a few more bitse of the scrumptious meal!

It's funny how some foods we couldn't stand as a child can work their way to the top of our favorites. Knowing how this works, I've attempted to try other treats on my "do not eat" list to see if those taste buds had changed as well. I'm sorry to say, cottage cheese and watermelon, as crazy as some people think I am, still don't cross over to the "eat up" category. For now I'll stick to a BBQ covered burger and french fries smothered in mustard.

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