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Friday, December 2nd, 2016
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Finally, someone is in charge of the Iraq War

Fri, May 18th, 2007
Posted in Commentary

Czar or Tsar - an Emperor or in more modern usage a Monarch or King. The word originates from the deified Roman dictator Caesar and came to represent the Roman Emperor. (Wikipedia)

We have been waging the Iraq War or Debacle for over 4 years now. We've waged this war with the usual hierarchy. Commander in Chief, Secretary of Defense, Joint Chief of Staff, National Security Advisor, hundreds of Generals, Admirals and the usual compliment of military and civilian advisors.

After four years, 3400 American fatalities, over 34,000 wounded and maimed and a somewhat premature declaration of victory we now have discovered that what we need is a "War Czar". Having run out of ideas to convince the American public we are making progress, Commander in Chief, President George Bush, yesterday appointed one of his generals to the new position of war czar or war emperor or war king or whatever.

According to the President the war needs to be "coordinated" and this new position will do just that. Wow, it's hard to imagine we've been waging an uncoordinated war for over four years! No wonder it's not going well. Just think how much faster WWII would have ended had it been "coordinated". Maybe what we needed in Vietnam was someone to "coordinate" the war.

Not only does adding additional bureaucracy to the war effort seem like a bad idea, I think the choice of title for the position is a bad omen as well.

You may remember the Czar's of Russia, Ivan the Terrible and company. Ivan was known for throwing pets out the window of the Kremlin and other cruel acts. Not a particularly successful bunch those Czars. Their ineptness eventually gave birth to communism.

The only context I've seen the word Czar in lately is in relation to our "Drug Czar". You know, the guy in charge of the War on Drugs. Now there's a war that's going real well!

Earlier in this article I used the word, ineptness. Webster's Dictionary defines inept(ness) as: incompetent, silly or foolish.

Appointing new Czars, Emperors or Kings can't hide the fact that this administration has set new standards for ineptness in dealing with Iraq. There can be and is no excuse for ineptitude when our men and women are being killed every day. The human toll of Iraqi's is staggering as well.

As a decorated Vietnam Veteran, it deeply saddens me to see mistake after mistake made while our brave soldiers try to do their duty, once again putting their lives at risk.

And what about the American public? Hmm, I wonder who got voted off American Idol last night.

Kevin Kelleher lives in Houston County.

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