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Friday, December 9th, 2016
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The bogeyman is gone

Fri, Aug 17th, 2007
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Karl Rove will be departing the White House at the end of August, leaving Washington, our government and the party of Lincoln in tatters. The brains behind George Bush, Rove's take-no-prisoners political tactics set the tone for this presidency, an administration so befowled with ineptness, that history will long remark on the dark eight years the American people will have endured under Bush's reign.

Rove turned politics into, what the New York Times called, "a blood sport," serving his monarch in Oliver Cromwell-like fashion, devoid of moral purpose and focused only on Machiavellian outcomes. Rove played a political end game that did little to serve the American public.

Rove's partisan tactics ultimately led to the Democrats taking control of both houses of Congress in January. The 2006 election was a plebiscite on partisanship, on checks and balances in government, and how we, the American people, wanted to take claim of our country once again. Under Bush and Rove, every public issue was turned into a political event, from the War on Terror to Social Security.

In better hands than George Bush's, Rove's genius could have been applied for the betterment of his party, our government and nation.

Like all horror shows, this one ends in a tragic, but predictable way - relief that the bogeyman is finally gone.

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