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Tuesday, December 6th, 2016
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The Working Mom- 7/25/11

Fri, Jul 22nd, 2011
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Summer is finally here!

It is funny how Minnesotans try their darndest not to complain when the hot, muggy weather gets here. Since it is in our nature to grumble about snowstorms, icy roads, treacherous sidewalks, and the threat of our roof caving in from too much snow, some us try to bite our lip when the thermometer shoots past 75 degrees. And, when we get weather over 90 degrees like it has been this past week, the Minnesota Nice turns to Minnesota Guilt and you hear people trying NOT to discuss the humidity, the bugs, and all of the gravel that washed into their yards over the winter. When the phrase "heat index" booms from the news channel, it makes me think...wait, a minute....that term should not even be mentioned in a Minnesota glossary of terms--Arizona yes, but Minnesota, no! A recent comment overheard from a tight-lipped complainer was, "I hate to complain...BUT, my air won't quit running this week and my electric bill is going to be through the roof!" Well, to beat the heat, we smart parents took our child and spent a hot 4th of July weekend at a local campground---nothing like putting yourself out there to the elements. We took advantage of the cool river waters and went canoeing and kayaking with the camping gang. As we sat under the awning in 90+ degree weather at 9:00 the next morning lathered in Aloe Vera, our camper neighbor said that he liked winter better because, "You can dress up to stay warm, but you can't dress down to keep cool." (Hmmm...I don't know about that. My eyes have seen many a white-skinned Minnesotan in black spandex frequenting the bike path this summer.) So, if your house windows are fogged over as you read this or you have to wait a minute after going outside so your glasses defog...welcome to a hot, muggy Minnesota summer. Thank goodness we only get to complain about this a week or so each year. Anyone taking bets yet as to when the first snowflake will fall?

I picked this recipe up at a recent graduation party. It is not too often that there is a bar or cookie I haven't tried...thank goodness my waistband had a little give that day. Ha. Make sure to keep these in the fridge.

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