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Friday, December 2nd, 2016
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Food for Life - 9/5/11

Mon, Sep 5th, 2011
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I mentioned in my last column that I follow a lot of food blogs. Not too long ago, I actually stopped following a blog because I got sick of hearing how a person should eat a diet with NO fat whatsoever. This person believed the way to lose fat was to eat no fat. It seems to make sense, right? And there are many people with the same theory. Eat fat-free everything and that is the answer.

I don't agree. And maybe that's because I enjoy natural fats. If someone told me I could no longer eat nuts, nut butters, olive oil, hummus, or avocados, I would say forget it. What's the point of living?

I am not afraid of fats, and I truly believe that a person needs some fat every day. I am talking moderation's not like I could eat avocados and peanut butter all day every day, as much as I might enjoy that. To me there is a big difference between French fries and avocados. The fat in an avocado is supposed to be there. It's there naturally. Mother Nature wants it that way. The fat in a cupcake, although delicious beyond belief, is not nutritious.

Research that I have read has shown that the brain needs a certain amount of fat. I have even read that polyunsaturated fats promote brain, liver, heart, and lung health. Avocados are full of the good kind of fat, and so are nuts and seeds. This makes me happy.

I am not a dietician or nutritionist; I only know what tastes good and what makes me feel good. I know that when I eat onion rings, I am going to feel gross afterward, but when I eat pistachios for a snack, it curbs my hunger and sugar cravings, and makes me feel great. And guacamole...well that's a whole new level of joy.

Guacamole was one of my daughter Grace's first words, although she pronounced it bock-a-mony. I fed her avocados plain when she was a baby in the high chair, and she loved them. What makes an even better story is the one time I made guacamole and she took the pit of the avocado, washed it off, and played with it, pretending it was her baby.

You can't make this stuff up.

I love to make my own guacamole at home. I make it to go with many dishes, including black bean burgers, tacos, burritos, sandwiches, and just to dip tortilla chips into. I am not a fan of raw tomatoes, so this is how I make it.

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