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Wednesday, May 4th, 2016
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Barack Obama is the right person for the job

Fri, Jan 16th, 2009
Posted in Commentary

Before the election last fall, I had a conversation with a Republican friend about the qualifications of the major candidates. The topic of concern in the media at the time was whether Sarah Palin, a small town mayor and first term Alaska governor, was fit to become vice-president (and potentially serve as president).

My friend, a businessman, was making the point that vice-presidential candidate Palin was just as qualified as presidential candidate Barack Obama to run the country. We traded our best arguments about who was more capable than whom, but the debate ended in a stalemate.

In parting, I said, "Well then, tell me this, which one would you hire to work for you?" He looked at me with uncertainty, a smile turning on his face. He didn't answer, but I clearly knew that I had him thinking.

On November 4, American voters hired Barack Obama to be their president. And time will show that he is the right person for the job, perhaps for no other reason than his ability to instill confidence that we as a nation can find common ground once again.

The tasks ahead are monumental. I can think of no other point in my lifetime where national despair and hope have intersected at such a high quadrant along the political spectrum. There is great expectation that Obama can lead the nation forward.

The way that President-elect Obama and his team have handled the transition to January 20 shows me that they understand the scope of the problem that lies ahead. And the respect they have shown outgoing president Bush and his administration, shows me that they are people of character, concerned about the stability of our country.

The past eight years have shown that being qualified to serve as president is less about a resume and experience, and more about the intangibles of leadership.

Obama will be sworn in as President on Tuesday. This is a good thing for our country.

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