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Saturday, December 10th, 2016
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It's time to show the world what the U.S is capable of

Fri, Jan 16th, 2009
Posted in Commentary

I might get a new outfit for the inauguration. I fear the mail lost my personal invitation to the ball but I sure plan to celebrate in my own living room and the whole country should do the same.

Alright, the economy is tanked, the weather is blustery with no end in sight, the globe is raging with conflict and loading the MP3 Player I got for Christmas is still beyond me but we have one golden moment on the horizon- let's celebrate.

I'm so happy at the prospect of a clean sweep in politics that I can't even be mad at Dubya anymore. We can think of him now as a cartoon strip that got less and less humorous so the paper had to pull it from the comic page. Let the poor, inept man slink back to Texas and be glad most of us survived him.

If Barack Obama wants to light up a cigarette in the Oval Office on Wednesday, let him. FDR and Churchill drank and smoked in our White House and the world is better for their indulgences. If the Obamas get a pound puppy and it makes a puddle on the rug a time or two, we'll pay for cleaning if he can clean up the bigger messes we have all paid for in the last eight years.

Certainly, our new president will have to be moderate with the champagne, given the job he'll have to get down to on Wednesday morning. A hangover will not help him when he greets the dawn and all that it brings for him.

No human on the planet can have all the answers to all the questions before him. If any did, there would have been solutions to the long and intractable problems and the newest ones might never have occurred. Let's begin though, cheering him on for his demonstrated intelligence, calm temperament, broad vision and sincere smile. Bush ducked the shoes tossed by an angry journalist (where was the Secret Service?) but I can see Obama catching them in mid air and offering them back saying, "Sir, you might need these when you are led out of the room." The specific situations he will face are unpredictable but basic character may well decide how they are handled.

The new leaders will disappoint and frustrate us, just as all the old ones have. We are diverse in our views and priorities. Can we all agree within our own families or communities on small things? Not often. So, imagine trying to please all of us! He can't. He won't.

There is much at stake in our nation and a leader and his best guess at the team that can support him can only do what is possible and no more. In this one Golden Moment though, let's all know that we have chosen a leader with the best intent and the intellectual capacity to make the smartest possible moves.

There will be great buzz about Michelle's dress and how late the girls should stay up for the parties. Let's enjoy all that nonsense as well.

My designer just called. He's tied up doing dresses for the Obama girls so I guess I'll just curl up in my pajamas and watch.

Join me. Let's party on. It's a new chance to show the world what the USA is capable of.

Beadrin Youngdahl of Peterson is a regular Journal contributor. She can be reached at beadrin@aol.com

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