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One moment, please... Multiplicity

Fri, Feb 20th, 2009
Posted in Commentary

Recent Journal office conversations have inspired me to write a piece about the antics of the California octuplet lady, Nadya Suleman. Surely, you've heard about her and her 14 children. Who hasn't?

Can you imagine being the single mother of eight children going through the same things at the same time? Potty-training? Driver's education? Dating? College?

Now add another set of six children from her first multiple birth experience, also in need of parental attention.

If she can pull this off, she'll be a prime contender for the 2032 Presidential Election! Can I cast my proxy vote today? Heck, she has 14 potential votes coming from her own household.

I've heard some people say that she is trying to take advantage of the system, and we, the taxpayers, will be footing the bill. Some have even said, "She's crazy!"

You know what I say? I think she's an over-achiever. Most people aim for two or three kids - maybe four or five. She's strives to fill rosters or buses.

Just imagine men going on a first date with Ms. Suleman. As a subtle ice-breaker, she says, "I noticed you ordered scrambled eggs. I love those, too. Speaking of eggs, how many litters of children would you like to have?

Many people have commented that our tax dollars will be supporting these 14 children. Maybe Sally Struthers will raise some funds, "For just 70 cents a day, you could support another multiple birth."

The sad thing is that at the butt of all of my jokes are 14 children who are being treated more like an investment vehicle than human beings. I hope their lives improve.

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