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Rushford Village Council meeting minutes

Fri, Mar 6th, 2009
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The meeting was called to order by Mayor, Gordon Johnson, Council members present: Dennis Overland, Roger Ekern, Dale Schwanke, Liz Atkinson, Howard Otis - Zoning Administrator and Judy Graham - Clerk.

Citizens Present: Randy Dahl, Kevin Graves of WHKS, Tonya Chandler of Basin Water

The agenda was approved with a motion by Overland 2nd by Schwanke to include discussion on Office Window and Randy Dahl, carried.

The minutes of February 10, 2009 were approved as read with type correction on a motion by Schwanke 2nd by Overland, carried.

The presentation of the 2008 Financials for the City of Rushford Village to include General Fund, Flood Fund, MIF Fund, Cooperative Way Fund, Water District Fund, & Sewer District Fund. The annual audit has been completed and should be here in a couple weeks.

Dahl shared with the Council the meeting he just finished in the Community Center with the residents of County 27 North in regards to the County rebuilding of 27 North to the Winona line. The project is a go at this point with easements underway and some changes in the lay of the road to avoid a large group of pines which ultimately make the project better. As for 27 East, this section will be ground and replaces just as it is now. The project should begin as soon as the road bans are listed. Johnson asked about access for emergencies services, school bus service and mail service. Dahl assured him they have all been taken care of.

Graves gave a brief additional review on the types of treatment available for the water system and presented a chart of probable costs for Pressure Filtration and Absorption type systems to include a new building and some controls of $5.50 to $7.26 per 1000 gallons treated. Council members shared their concerns about asking Rushford to accept an additional amount of backwashing for some of treatment, as well as the waste of this water and extra expense in the pumping etc., as well as the chemicals used in some of the types of treatment. Therefore, the council felt it even more important to try the test pilot program and not have these issues. After some discussion on the Memorandum Of Understanding and changes in the requirements thereof, Johnson signed the MOU and turned it over to Chandler for approval by Basin Water. After approval by Basin Water, Thieret will be contacted by Basin Water to set up a date for instructions on the system. This should take a couple weeks followed by the pilot installation which will be in place about 3 months. At the end of this time we will know if it will work for us and at what rate. If it does not work we will be under no obligation.

Johnson shared for security reasons Thieret feels that it would be nice to have a window on the East side of the Clerks Office in order that someone in the office might easily be able to see what is going on in the sheds and drive area. Motion by Overland 2nd by Atkinson to have Thieret install the window (donated by Johnson) as soon as possible, carried.

Otis shared an inquiry by Darr for developing the Chapel property on Meadow. He will have to plat, extend water and sewer mains, develop a water runoff plan, and follow ordinance 11. Thieret would also request a loop for the water system in this area.

The package plant (surface water discharge type) much like that of Peterson would be in the 1.3 million area. The plant would by approximately $700,000 by itself.

The whole council was congratulated on receiving certificates of achievements for passing the NIMS "300" 24 hour school, required by all involved in disaster assistance management.

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