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City of Rushford Village Council Meeting May 5, 2009

Fri, Jun 5th, 2009
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The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor, Gordon Johnson; Council members present: Dennis Overland, Roger Ekern, Dale Schwanke and Liz Atkinson, Howard Otis - Zoning Administrator and Judy Graham - Clerk.

Citizens Present: Attorney Thomas Manion, Beth Hermes Mitchell, Gary Marcoux, Davin Thompson, Mark Welch of G Cubed, Zachery Miner, Katerine Lazano, Zachery Meredith of RP.

The agenda was approved with the addition of a summary of possible S. Rushford Subdivision Lots of the future, Road tour motions, and clerk can't be here on the 19th if a 2nd meeting is needed on a motion by Schwanke seconded by Ekern, carried.

After some discussion regarding the claims list for May and the addition of a WHKS claim regarding the Rislove Bridge, a motion to pay in a timely fashion was made by Atkinson seconded by Ekern, carried.

Laura Lane residents were present to inform the council of the pending project to begin this week on the surfacing of Laura Lane. After much discussion Attorney Manion agreed that the street was indeed a part of the City of Rushford Village and the citizens could petition to have the cost for the hard surface placed on their property tax as an assessment for a period of 10 years at 6.5% interest to begin with the 2010 tax year statement of May. Rushford Village Council will develop a resolution to this effect for the next meeting and those that wish to participate will need to present their Agreement of Assessment and Waiver of Irregularity and Appeal to the Council. Because this subdivision was underway prior to the current Zoning Ordinance, which now requires a bond to cover final road surface by the developer, this project will be treated like those in the past; however, this will be the final assessment of this kind.

Otis presented a copy of the final zoning board ordinance for Outdoor Wood Burners and after many questions and discussion, including citizens, Otis agreed to have each council member read and return to the next meeting for final Council adjustments.

Welch asked what is the actual supporting information requested of G Cubed on the Cranley access to make this driveway acceptable. Welch shared he has not been able to find any written standards relating to the slope of a private drive. Schwanke shared the Ordinance 11 requirements say in 10% is the maximum slope (making 15% unacceptable). He also suggested any changes you may be able to design making this access safe should be forwarded to WHKS for their approval.

It was suggested that a committee for Emerald Ash Borer and other possible problems be formed possibly with the help of DNR, FFA, MN Extension Office, Fish & Wildlife and a local group of citizens.

In sewer news, testing has revealed that both of the cities have about the same consistency in their samples and thus will require additional capacity to process. By addressing this issue prior to the planned upgrade ,along with having enough capacity for new development, may require an additional raise in processing rates as well as construction rates. Currently the South Rushford district is paying $43.00 per month for construction and use. Motion by Ekern, seconded by Atkinson, to use Davy Engineering for all issues regarding the sewer upgrade and contract due to their original knowledge on the construction of the current system. Carried.

Tower Ridge FEMA project will require an extension due to the inadequate results of the project. Graham will file this along with the finals of all the other projects. Cooperative Way will be repaired, including the replacement of 9 panels this week and a final walk through should be in 2 weeks. Motion was made by Overland, seconded by Ekern to secure a bid to resurface and widen Sherwood late this summer. Carried.

Harter's will start picking up on the 6th and Rushford Village will secure signage for all carts and recyclable totes. Motion by Overland 2nd by Ekern to get quotes for these signs carried. Graham will report back at the next meeting.

Gordon, Dale, and Roger have volunteered for the Friday / Saturday Spring Clean up and Dennis agreed to work on Saturday.

Motion was made by Schwanke, seconded by Overland to continue this meeting on Tuesday May 12th, at 7:00 p.m. in the office of the clerk to address issues there was not time for.

Continuation Meeting 5-12-09. Council Present: Mayor Gordon Johnson, Council Roger Ekern, Liz Atkinson, Dale Schwanke and Clerk Judy Graham. Citizens present: Beth Hermes Mitchell.

Johnson opened continuation meeting asking Mitchell to share the information gathered on the Emerald Ash Borer problem. Department of Agriculture will be bringing traps, and doing some training to make citizens aware of the problem and safety needs. June 3, 2009, 6:00 p.m. there will be a meeting in Caledonia. We will include a flyer in the next news letter, and will encourage no transportation of cut fire wood into other states or counties. Mitchell will try to attend the June 3rd meeting as well as talk to Fillmore County to set up an educational meeting for the county.

Graham explained the difference between the current census now being taken and the census next spring. The contact the census is making now is identifying the actual placement of each home and not the 2010 census. Therefore, they are asking for volunteers to participate in community activities with information handouts asking all residents to be sure to fill out the census questionnaire that comes in the spring as well as any that they are asked to do now. Mayor Johnson appointed Councilman Overland to develop a committee that will contact Barbara Ronningen of the State Demographic Center for the handouts to use at parades, events, large family gatherings etc. We need everyone counted to keep representation in Washington as well as in Minneapolis which will equal local funding.

Generator plugs and receptacles needed and Thieret needs a motion for purchase. Ekern motioned to look into various sources and purchase accordingly. Seconded by Schwanke . Carried.

Thieret asked the council to expand his phone service to 500 minutes from 100 minutes due to the variety of calls needed to keep equipment and services operating smoothly. The Village currently pays $15 per month toward this service. Schwanke motioned to raise the plan to 500 minutes, pay $25 per month toward that, and pay the overcharge of the current bill. Seconded by Atkinson. Carried.

A meeting is scheduled on May 14th with Ron Ziegler, Dale Schwanke, Dennis Overland and Judy Graham to discuss the changeover due to Judy's retirement. Schwanke asked what state rules effect the position; Johnson suggested Zeigler could identify these issues. Johnson felt it would be very necessary to know the current package cost. Graham shared that hourly, health insurance, vacation, etc equal $21.40 per hour.

Trash cart labels as well as totes would amount to about 1,000. The label should include CRV name, phone, and website on a white background with green or black lettering. An estimate of $1,689 was received from Rush Creek. Johnson told Graham to go ahead with these arrangements. Johnson also asked that we check on two signs for parade use (waterproof). Graham will return at the next meeting.

Motion by Ekern, seconded by Atkinson to offer the usual Pool and T-Ball non-resident fee difference to encourage use of the Rushford Pool and activities. Carried

Discussion followed on the 2 Phases of the sewer improvement upgrade and the fact that there will be a need to raise rates. Johnson shared that the rates would raise about $5.00 per month. Schwanke shared that the plan is to have a contract developed that would be clean cut without gray areas. There is also a chance that the sampling process would come to an end. Graham will check on the availability of funds from PFA savings.

Johnson asked how the Council felt about splitting parcels for additional footage to parcels not involved in development issues. In protected Ag these could be made for one farm to another for farming purposes or access. Zoning will check current ordinances. Ideally Protective Agriculture farms should be no less than 160 acre parcels sales.

Thieret and Schwanke will meet with Norstad and or Bakkum in regards to water runoff from Woodland Heights subdivision. Any actions will be reported back to the next meeting. Norstad agreed at the last meeting with the Council that he would be willing to do anything that may reduce the water flow. Schwanke suggested the use of some extremely large rocks placed in the Bakkum field and a waterway to protect future washing.

Ekern asked what legal action needs to be taken on the Aspen Road Future Project due to the fact that we do not have the funds currently to rebuild and straighten that road. Manion will answer this question at the next meeting.

Laura Lane Resolution 090512 to offer assessment for a hard surface road by 5 residents mothing was made by Schwanke and seconded by Atkinson. Carried.

Citizen Watch will be checking for speeding and taking plate numbers in the subdivisions and reporting to Fillmore County. Speeding within subdivisions is inexcusable.

Thieret will accept rock deliveries for all roads if enough is crushed, and we may have billing in late June.

Motion by Schwanke, seconded by Atkinson to adjourn. 8:44 p.m. Carried.

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