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Sunday, December 4th, 2016
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The Working Mom - 9/26/11

Fri, Sep 23rd, 2011
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Can You Relate?

When did I get old or, as my 12-year-old would say, "old school." Considering that he associates me with anything from the 80's and wonders how we existed before iTunes, I was not surprised when he said he thought my hair was "poofy." But, hey, who doesn't like a good tease at the roots and a load of flammable hairspray...it's what separates us from the men and the boys...right ladies? Since I started a family later in life, many of my friends are ahead of me in parenting years and have shared the advice that my day would come---that my little boy would soon be questioning our house rules, my parenting skills, and everything else that was not his idea. Yes, that little sweetie who begged me to watch cartoons and help open his chocolate milk is now reminding me that he will be driving in 3 and ½ years and will need to add suspension and butterfly doors to our Saturn Vue. Yikes! Is there enough insurance for that?! I do like the thought of the in-car cameras available now that will show you what your child is doing while driving AND you get a discount for using it...how sweet is that. But what has been an unexpected delight is that my son has taken a liking to all of the TV shows about storage auctions, finding great antiques, and pawn shops---we have something new in common! He and I could waste the morning away going to garage sales and looking for that fantastic find or just admiring someone else's junk. He grabbed my arm quickly last weekend when he saw a stack of LP records and asked if they were collectible. We walked away with some Elvis and Tina Turner jewels soon to be on eBay. It was just fun looking into the history on each item. And of course, shopping isn't shopping unless momma gets something, so I quickly snagged a one-dollar tablecloth that was exactly like the only one I have left of my mom's cloths---a great deal and a great memory keeper. So, this 40-something chick might be getting a bit older but it is exhilarating to know that I am finding new ways to connect with my soon to be teenager. And no, we are not looking into butterfly doors for the Saturn. Enjoy the fall weather everyone! Hope you can allow me this different style recipe just this once...feel free to modify the proportions as needed.

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