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Monday, December 5th, 2016
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The Working Mom - 10/17/11

Fri, Oct 14th, 2011
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The Saturday Kid

When I was contemplating my article for this week, I considered sharing stories that relate the changing of seasons to the changes that occur in our children from year to year. It quickly became transparent, however, that the person most affected by the changes in my son growing up is me, and I thought it might end up a teary, woe-is-me mess of an article. So, scratched that story. I think that as moms we are always trying to provide the best for our children, often going without to make sure they have what they need. And, if there is something we are not able to provide, those internal guilt darts start flying. For example, there are many times when being a mom who works outside the home has me feeling like I'm lacking in the department of homemade treats, helping out at school, and greeting my child at the door after school like I "should." So, for those working moms who already struggle with balancing school activities with their work schedule, can you imagine the added frustration when you have a Saturday Kid? What is that you ask? He lives in my house; he's the child that waits until Saturday to bring home notices about concerts, teacher conferences, class parties, and all other events that are coming up on Monday. Could be worse; you could have a Monday Kid-that child who lets you know on Monday, "Oh! We have a concert tonight Mom!" My son tends to morph between the two. So, I say thank goodness for the neighbor girl and openly share my biased opinion...girls are blessed with natural talents relating to organization, keeping track of schedules, and announcing upcoming events. If you are having one of those weeks when your nights are packed with the unexpected, and you wish that the robot from the Jetsons would deliver supper, set the timer and enjoy this less than 15 minute meal.

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