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Saturday, December 3rd, 2016
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The Work Mom - 1/30/12

Fri, Jan 27th, 2012
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How Can it Be?

After a series of very odd conversations lately, it seemed like I kept asking myself, "How can that be?" There are times we ask that question at work and there are times we ask that question of incidents you hear about on TV and, of course, there are the times we ask that question at home. So, before you read on, you have to cross your heart and also pinky swear not to leak this article content to my family. They never read my article so if they hear about it, I will know someone shared!

OK moms....How can it be that an "A-B student" can figure out how to set up a Kindle Fire, connect online to play PS3 with his cousins, and teach his mom how to play chess but can't figure out that the dishwasher he just unloaded with such diligence and commitment was actually full of DIRTY dishes? Seriously, can't you feel the crud stuck to the plates? Gross. How can that be? But, my loving heart just says to be thankful he did it in the first place.

OK ladies...how can it be that a man can figure out down to the last board and screw what his lumberyard order should be to build a deck, but can't remember that milk is the main ingredient in cereal and milk---even though the empty milk container is on the counter, Inspector Gadget. Hence, when it is gone, there is no cereal/milk breakfast the next day. How can that be? Ah, but of course, that ingredient is on the "mom list."

And believe me, the "dad list" can be kind of scary. I remember when we were first married and I asked my husband to go in the local grocery store and buy food to make dinner since it was so easy as he had told me. To my dismay, he spent almost $20 on a couple of things and blew our newlywed grocery budget out of the water. No...grocery shopping is definitely my thing and has also been a good thing for our budget. Smile.

One theory I have is that marriage and children were the big guy's way of testing a woman's patience and her ability to bite her tongue without causing it to bleed. Oh, don't get me wrong....I love being a wife and a mom, I just think that we need to have those "inside the mom/wife circle" conversations every once in a while with our girlfriends to realize these situations do occur in other homes as well. Some of my good friends were just over this past weekend for a shopping party, wine, and lots of laughs and great stories-it is times like those that I let it lapse that there won't be milk for breakfast or that I just found a crusty fork buried in our silverware drawer. Thanks girlfriends!

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