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Letter about Houston County Sheriff’s Department

Mon, Aug 25th, 2014
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To the Editor,

Some time ago my uncle Joe Corcoran, lieutenant in charge of the Homicide and Sex Crime unit for the St. Paul Police Department, now retired, said the worst thing that can happen to a law enforcement agency is to believe they are above the law. When that happens, they soon begin to decide for themselves who to apply the law to.

Unfortunately the Houston County Sheriff’s Department, under the current Sheriff, has for some time operated like they are above the law. Many instances of illegal or unethical behavior have occurred in the Department, some the public knows about and some they don’t.

The systematic copying of DVDs in the Sheriff’s Department on County equipment is well known and documented. Behavior problems at the jail are less well known but real.

The incident regarding a county deputy drag racing a Caledonia officer at the county airport is also well known and documented. This incident however is a good example of what my uncle warned of.

The county officer involved made a dumb mistake but in that mistake he violated numerous laws and county policies. However, he was never disciplined. Since the Sheriff himself seems to have been involved in illicit activity, how can he discipline one of his subordinates for bad behavior?

So how does this affect you?

Well think about what would happen if your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter got caught drag racing at the county airport. Would they get equal justice? Or would they have the book thrown at them and possibly have that stain on their record the rest of their lives?

This shouldn’t be an election, it should be a resignation.

Kevin Kelleher

Houston, MN


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10:07:39, Sep 10th 2014

Gussie says:
Well put. If people only knew what went on at the Fillmore County Sheriff's Department.


1:05:53, Sep 15th 2014

KingslandGrad95 says:
Gussie, what's your proof that stuff like this happens at the Fillmore County Sheriff's Department? Or is it just heresy and gossip??


10:40:04, Sep 18th 2014

Gussie says:
Well Kingslandgrad for starters how about a few nights ago on my way to work, and by Fountain a deputy was sleeping in the car. I stopped to check on him. His head was against the window sound asleep so I let him be. Don't know who it was but their was no lights on the top.


10:46:40, Sep 19th 2014

KingslandGrad95 says:
Gussie, so what if the "Deputy" was asleep? Maybe he was tired. You've never taken a catnap?? So what if there were no lights on top? Most law enforcement agencies have unmarked vehicles with the normal headlights and taillights replaced with ones that flash.

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