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Saturday, October 1st, 2016
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Fillmore County Fair 2014 Thursday Results: Dairy & Rabbit

Fri, Aug 8th, 2014
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Champion Purebred Rabbit: Ben Gruszynski.

Reserve Champion Purebred Rabbit: Nicholas Fetterly.

Champion 4 Class Rabbit: Ben Gruszynski.

Champion 6 Class Rabbit: Paula Howe.

Champion Market Rabbit: Alvin Williams.

Champion Novice Showmanship: Alizha Kappers.

Reserve Champion Novice Showmanship: Brayden Blanck.

Champion Jr Rabbit Showmanship: Kim Vrieze.

Reserve Champion Jr Showmanship: Nicholas Fetterly.

Champion Intermediate Showmanship: Nolan Fetterly.

Reserve Intermediate Showmanship: Courtney Nelson.

Champion Senior Showmanship: Megan Hendrickson.

Reserve Senior Showmanship: Valerie Earley.

Champion Rabbit Poster: Megan Hendrickson.

Reserve Champion Rabbit Poster: Megan Hendrickson.

State Fair Line-up

1. Ben Gruszynski, 2. Nicholas Fetterly, 3. Haley Lange, 4. Andrea Mettler, 5. Valerie Earley, 6. Paula Howe, 7. Kim Vrieze, 8. William Hoeltzle, 9. Annika Riezheimer, 10. Megan Hendrickson, 11. Parker Hobbs, 12. Andrea Mettler, 13. Susan Mettler, 14. Mattie Hollar, 15. Megan Hendrickson, 16. Megan Hendrickson, 17. Nolan Fetterly, 18. Valerie Earley, 19. Alizha Kappers, 20. Ben Grusynski, 21. Riley Lange, 22. Izayah Rietheimer, 23. Oliver Hoeltzle, 24. Trever Ruen, 25. Megan Hendrickson, 26. Riley Lange, 27. Courtney Nelson, 28. Erica Earley, 29. Ben Gruszynski, 30. Ben Gruszynski.


Champion Dairy Animal: Hope Morrison

Reserve Dairy Animal: Stephanie Sukalski.

Champion Dairy Jr Calf: Kaci Ruen.

Champion Dairy not in milk: Peyton Morrison.

Reserve Champion Dairy not in milk: Alexis Williams.

Champion Dairy Milk Production: Abby Hopp.

Champion Dairy Genetics: Madison Reiland.

Best Uddered Cow: Hope Morrison.

Champion Ayrshire: Colton Wingert.

Reserve Champion Ayrshire: Morgan Wingert.

Champion Brown Swiss: Morgan Wingert.

Reserve Brown Swiss: Jake Goeldi.

Champion Guersney: Cassidy Ruud.

Champion Holstein: Hope Morrison.

Reserve Holstein: Stephanie Sukalski.

Champion Registered Hol. Calf: Matthew Woods.

Champion Grade Holstein: Emma Mulhern.

Reserve Grade Holstein: Devin Troendle.

Champion Red and White: Kayla Leiding.

Reserve Red and White: Tyler Kappers.

Champion Jersey: Tanner Morrison.

Reserve Jersey: Nick Drinkall.

Champion Crossbred: Travis Troendle.

Reserve Crossbred: Jared Troendle.

Champion Milking Shorthorn: Alexis Williams.

Reserve Milking Shorthorn: Fred Williams.

Champion Jr Showmanship: Devin Troendle.

Reserve Jr Showmanship: Fred Williams.

Champion Int. Showmanship: Peyton Morrison.

Reserve Int. Showmanship: Alexis Williams.

Champion Sr. Showmanship: Kayla Leiding.

Reserve Sr. Showmanship: Hope Morrison.

Champion Dairy Member: Jake Goeldi.

State Fair Line-up:

1. Hope Morrison, 2. Stephanie Sukalski, 3. Tanner Morrison, 4. Kayla Leiding, 5. Haely Leiding, 6. Nick Drinkall, 7. Peyton Morrison, 8. Alexis Williams, 9. Tanner Morrison, 10. Tanner Morrison, 11. Kayla Leiding, 12. Colton Wingert, 13. Haely Leiding, 14. Morgan Wingert, 15. Matthew Woods, 16. Emma Mulhern, 17. Morgan Wingert, 18. Kayla Leiding, 19. Devin Troendle, 20. Tyler Kappers, 21. Tyler Kappers, 22. Peyton Morrison, 23. Fred Williams, 24. Nick Drinkall, 25. Alexis Williams, 26. Haely Leiding, 27. Travis Troendle, 28. Stephanie Sukulski, 29. Kelsey Beil, 30. Kayla Beil, 31. Abby Hopp, 32. Travis Troendle, 33. Jake Goeldi, 34. Abby Hopp, 35. Abby Hopp, 36. Nick Drinkall, 37. Jared Troendle, 38. Cassidy Ruud, 39. Kelsey Beil.

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