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Friday, October 28th, 2016
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Honey Raspberry Iced Tea

By Jeanette Schmidt

Fri, Jul 25th, 2014
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How’s your garden doing? ... A common greeting this time of the year. Up until a few weeks ago, our answer was “good”. Then one morning we came out to some beet foliage mowed to the ground and parts of the beautiful row of peas torn down…(peas have always been a challenge to get to grow). There were no deer tracks, so the next best guess is that cute little rabbit that we see visiting the garden. You know, the one with the big eyes, cute face and the look of innocence as he eats the peas! What to do now…they multiply and consider your garden their pantry and have large appetites. The stew pot isn’t going to happen, so I tried the liquid fence and that seemed to work until the next rain came, which earlier this summer seemed to be every hour. If there is a wind blowing in the wrong direction, the spray drifts on to me and I smell like rotten eggs…that seems to deter more than rabbits.

Each year we dream of the perfect garden and landscape, plus we just love the wildlife we see in our’s a quandary. Birds drift in and peck every ripe berry…the deer follow the mowed path from the woods at night and shred the apples trees and leaves…it’s like candy to them. Rabbits are so cute, but that wears off. Don’t even get me started on the streaked gophers (or whatever you call them). They think they are members of the family and wait for the bird feeder to spill over when I fill it. Maybe just butterflies are the answer.

We won’t be fencing anytime soon, as it’s not very practical but I will sprinkle some blood meal & keep trying the spray in the evening. Hopefully the rabbits really do like white clover and everything in the garden will eventually be too big for them to munch. Right now they are sampling jalapenos but find out they don’t really like them and spit them out.

The Fillmore County Fair is just winding down and the bunny did save me some vegetables and flowers to enter in the fair but at this writing I don’t know if I won any ribbons or not. So, guess I will just sit on the porch and enjoy this cool easy drink, while I watch the wildlife. I think we planted enough for all of us.

Honey Raspberry Iced Tea

2 cups freshly brewed tea

2 cups cranberry-raspberry juice

¼ cup 100% pure honey

Brew tea and in a heat proof pitcher dissolve honey with hot tea. Add cranberry-raspberry juice and whisk together. Chill and pour over ice.

Makes 4 servings

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