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Saturday, December 10th, 2016
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The Affordable Care Act...

Fri, Jul 18th, 2014
Posted in Harmony Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

I’m puzzled by Rep. Greg David’s scorching condemnation of The Affordable Care Act, aka “ObamaCare.” He keeps referring to some chimerical, long suffering 16,000. His opposition flies in the face of the success of the ACA, in spite of some problems that are being worked out. In Minnesota, there are 170,000 enrollees, which is 35,000 more than the target number! 47,000 are private plan enrollees, 34,000 Minnesota care enrollees, and 88,000 Medicaid enrollees. Perhaps the mythical 16,000 Mr. Davids refers to are included in 36,000 who attempted to enroll, but ran into some glitches, which are being worked out. According to Minnesota’s State Health Access Data Assistance Center (SHADAC), as of June 14 the state uninsured population is the lowest in recorded history, thanks to ObamaCare. It has gone from 445,000 to 264,000. Not bad! Of course to negativists like Davids the glass is always half empty. Sure, there are all sorts of horror stories, many fabricated or blown out of proportion. But numbers, statistics, and facts do not lie. Of course, the learned salon from Preston never let facts get in the way of his right wing ideology.

Jerry Grehl

Harmony, MN


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1:22:00, Jul 18th 2014

Bear says:
Obama care isnt the answer. Sure Mr. Grehl some people in Minnesota have medical insurance for the first time ever. Obama care punishes the hard working people that have medical benefits in the first place. My medical insurance carrier informed me that my medical insurance premium will more than double in cost and I can no longer go to the Mayo Clinic. Is this fair? I even shopped around and compared. The people that didnt have medical insurance before hand were never denied treatment at any emergency room. My wife and I both work full time jobs. It is cheaper for us to have one medical insurance premium through my employer than versus each having their own coverage. Thus said, We have to pay a $50 fine each month in doing so. There is so much hidden garbage in Obama care. I hope Jerry that you checked into insurance and it does well for you and your family. I hope that it provides you the coverage you expect. I hope that you never get sick and want to go to the Mayo Clinic for top notch care. For the majority of Minnesota were in for a rude awakening.


3:01:39, Jul 22nd 2014

Don K. says:
My medical premium will go up significantly next year under Obama care. This is a horror story for me Mr. Grehl. I live on a fixed budget and I can't afford any more.


11:01:18, Jul 27th 2014

Eagle says:
Dear Mr. Bear,

I thought to address a few of the issues you bring up.

1. "My medical insurance carrier informed me that my medical insurance premium will more than double in cost and I can no longer go to the Mayo Clinic. Is this fair?" --Unfortunately, this has more to do with the fact of living in SE MN and suffering from living next to Mayo Health System(an amazing albeit expensive healthcare system).

2. "The people that didnt have medical insurance before hand were never denied treatment at any emergency room."--True, but mainly because of federal policy. Have you been to the ER recently? Even routine workup is expensive and medical bankruptcy is a growing problem. Furthermore, when these people default the hospital pass these costs on to the paying patients. Indirectly, we are paying for these patients.

3. "There is so much hidden garbage in Obama care".--We as a country have tried to enact healthcare reform for over 100 years. Is Obamacare a mess? Probably. Was our healthcare system a mess prior to Obamacare? Without a doubt.

The frustrating thing that I find with conservatives is that they fail to come up with a better solution. We pay more than any other county in the world on healthcare and yet receive terrible outcomes. We are the leaders in medical innovation. However, we are terrible at keeping costs down and having equitable healthcare.


3:23:50, Jul 30th 2014

Bear says:
So Eagle, let me get this straight... To save money on medical insurance premiums under Obama care I should move farther away from Rochester, this way I might be able to go to the Mayo Clinic or if not go to a cut rate Medical care provider to save money.

I'm sure glad that the Federal Goverment stepped in to make sure that everyone in Minnesota can go to the Emergency Room for free care if they dont have insurance. Minnesota did offer other medical assistance for the uninsured.

Obama care is a mess. I'm glad you liberal's realize this.

To many people depend on the goverment for their income / living. I'm all for helping the needy, the ones that actually need assistance. For everyone that needs assistance, there's at least double that number with welfare fraud. This country is in sad economic shape. We cant keep letting illegal immigrants into this country. If your on public assistance, you should be drug tested, We need voter registration. But that's a few conservative idea's. A view from someone who works his butt of to make a living and one who wants to keep the American dream alive for the younger generation.


3:55:44, Aug 1st 2014

Eagle says:
I agree with many of the points you have brought up. I do not consider myself either conservative or liberal and instead think my political outlook borrows from libertarian, conservative, and liberal ideas.

For example:

1. "To many people depend on the goverment for their income / living." -- I agree. I believe there are circumstances where one might need a helping hand to get back on one's feet, but being reliant on welfare with no effort to improve oneself is a different issue.

2. "If your on public assistance, you should be drug tested"--I agree, but only until elected officials who also receive taxpayer $$ undergo the same testing. I don't see anyone in Congress pushing for that though.

A few of my ideas:

1. Increased Veteran Health and GI BIll Benefits-If you serve, the government does owe you.
2. Congressional Term Limits-No elected official for >30 years in one position. When someone serves too long, special interests become too entangled with that official.
3. Limit $$ that can be used in elections-Corporations are NOT people. They are immortal and when they kill someone they only get hit with arbitrary fees(example: GM). Therefore, set stricter limits on how much $ can be donated in an election by a company.
4. Lower drinking age back to 18-If you can marry, sign a mortgage, and serve in our military potentially killing and dying for our country you should be able to enjoy some spirits.

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