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Thursday, October 23rd, 2014
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Wykoff citizen questions city council ethics

Fri, Jul 11th, 2014
Posted in Wykoff Government

The Wykoff City Council met on Tuesday, July 8 with a full audience in attendance. With standing room only, the council wasted no time approving a new council member to fill the seat left open when Protem Mayor Jeremy Comstock was put into office at a special meeting held on June 18, 2014. There were four applications turned in to fill the vacant council seat: Tim Grabau, Brody Mensink, Gerald Jacobsen and Tim Zwart. Council members reviewed the applications and noted two applicants were previous council members. Councilman Vreeman made a motion to appoint Tim Grabau and it was noted within the council Grabau had served a term prior at the start of the sewer plant discussions. Protem Mayor Jeremy Comstock asked for a second on three occasions and one was not given so the motion was ceased. Councilman Mitch Grabau made a motion to appoint Gerald Jacobsen to the vacant seat, citing Jacobson had ran for the appointment in the previous election and wanted it then. Councilman Vreeman seconded the motion, it passed 2-1 with Councilwoman Larson opposing. Gerald Jacobson was present and called to the council table where he recited an oath and signed paperwork and then took his new seat.

Mayor Comstock asked Councilman Vreeman to be the Mayor Protem until the end of his term. Councilman Vreeman accepted.

Fire Chief, Wade Baker, addressed the council with a concern from resident Roxanne Sabatke, who was in attendance. The Wykoff Fire Department has a controlled burn scheduled for August 2, 2014, in a residential area. Baker explained Sabatke had provided a letter stating concern for health and safety. The burn has been cleared by the proper authorities; the property had been inspected and there was no asbestos hazard. Roxanne Sabatke provided a letter from her physician to the council and while stating she understood the importance of training opportunities, she felt they should not be done in residential areas and made the council aware she was against it. She further stated the council had been ‘put on notice’ if the burn goes forward and there were any health related problems because of it she would not be the one paying for bills or damages.

Fire Chief Baker further explained the process of a controlled burn, citing the burn would be complete with no smoldering left that would cause lingering smoke or fumes of any kind. Baker gave an in depth description of the process based on his previous experiences, which by his admission was estimated to be seven or eight controlled burns he had trained at over the years. Sabatke asked Baker who would be responsible if problems arose, Baker assumed it would be the company hired to oversee the process as they should have liability insurance but admitted he couldn’t be certain. Baker assured Sabatke he would find the answers to all of her posed questions and personally inform her of them. He further stated that he had brought her concerns to the council because he felt they were valid and wanted all of the facts presented. Jason Hare, a volunteer for the Wykoff Fire Department, also added to the discussion by stating many of the new firefighters they have hired in the past several years have never had a controlled burn training and stressed how valuable the training was as it creates a real situation that is accurate to what they face on a fire call.

Councilman Vreeman made a motion to approve the controlled burn, pending the information Roxanne Sabatke requested was given to her when it was received. The motion carried.

Also on the agenda was a pay request towards the waste/water treatment plant in the amount of $109,884.60. The pay request was granted to Joseph Company. Councilman Grabau also stated he would like to make sure ‘the newspaper’ got the information correct as the last pay request was inaccurately reported in a local newspaper but not inaccurately reported in the Fillmore County Journal.

In new business Wykoff First Responder, Michelle Meldahl, presented an automated external defibrillator (AED) that had been secured by Fillmore County through a grant initiative. Meldahl explained AED’s were given to every community in Fillmore County initially and Wykoff was one of the communities that would be receiving a second one in 2015. The city would be responsible for the maintenance that generally consists of battery replacement and pad replacement as both expire over time. Meldahl asked the council for permission to place the AED for public use and also explained the first responders would like to hold an public education meeting concerning the use of it.

There was much discussion about where to place the AED, as the council and first responders wanted to make it as available as possible to residents who may need to access it in an emergency situation. Fire Chief Baker suggested the community center, as it hosts large gatherings often and large crowds means more opportunity for a situation to arise. Jason Hare interjected and suggested placing it outside the fire station so it is available 24/7 as there is no way of telling when an emergency situation may arise. The question of vandalism or theft was raised by a few members of the council and Mayor Comstock asked Meldahl if she knew where other communities were placing theirs. Meldahl responded most had placed them in their city hall or community center. Councilwoman Larson made a motion to place the AED in the community center and the motion passed. The Wykoff first responders will monitor expirations and order replacements when needed.

In other topics of new business, a hardship request was granted for a Wykoff citizen who had been unable to pay their city bill in full due to health related issues that had caused loss of work. The council extended a six month time period for the citizen to be caught up with the bill; during that time frame the citizen will not be in danger of shut off.

A representative from the Veteran’s Memorial (Kavanagh Park) approached the council and asked for council representation on the committee as well as inquired about funds the city may have towards the park. Clerk Davis said the park fund is part of the general fund and does not show a balance but only a total. Mayor Comstock advised the committee member to figure out some costs for items wanted and come back to the council at that time.

The council decided to send a nuisance letter to the owner of the 214 Line S. North property after receiving complaints of large weeds, piles of branches, various small wild animals inhabiting the property as well as various other nuisances. Councilwoman Larson stated as part of her responsibilities to the city, she would look at setting live traps for the animals.

Gerald Jacobsen was appointed as the second authorization to sign checks on behalf of the city. Councilwoman Larson made the motion, which passed unanimously.

Clerk Davis passed along information given to her by Steve Bushman of WHKS concerning the MnWARN program. The program is used as emergency response for water/sewer and is a database that is accessible by various communities throughout Minnesota. In the event of an emergency, a community in need may peruse the database and see if any communities in their region or beyond have equipment they may need. This item of business will carry over onto next month’s agenda.

Permission was granted to get pricing for new American flags in the downtown area. The current flags are badly tattered. Thirteen flags need replacement.

Job evaluations for city employees will be held on June 29, 2014 starting at 6 p.m. at city hall. The city employs five individuals and the evaluations will start with Clerk Davis and end with Al Williams.

The Lions Club liquor license was approved for Fall Fest for a fee of $25. The motion was made by Councilwoman Larson and seconded by Councilman Jacobson, passing unanimously.

As the council moved to visitors, Brody Mensink was called upon. Mensink had papers he started to read from, first thanking the council members and city clerk for being professional over the course of the past few weeks as he has approached them with questions. Mensink went on to say he had never held a city council seat and had no right telling council members how to do their job nor was he there to judge them. However, he stated he would like to ask some questions and share some thoughts.

Mensink quoted from the Minnesota League of Cities concerning the mayor’s oath, asking if once that oath had been taken if it was good forever. Mayor Comstock provided Mensink an answer by saying yes. Mensink further quoted the Minnesota League of Cities handbook concerning special meetings and the procedures in which they may be called. Part of the procedure was listed as ‘written statement by the city clerk.’ Mensink asked if there was written statements filed with the city clerk in such cases and if so was it public information. Clerk Davis asked Mensink to read what he had stated again, as she was talking and did not hear him. Mensink obliged and Clerk Davis replied, “No I have never done a written statement.” Councilman Grabau inquired as to whether or not the council minutes would count as a written statement and Clerk Davis was unclear if they would or not. Mensink stated the minutes would be after the meeting took place.

Mensink then moved on quoting the Minnesota League of Cities handbook concerning council members and defamation of character. He stated council members were not allowed to make unnecessary statement that could hurt the reputation of another individual. The handbook stated the statement must be made in good faith and without malice, remarks must only occur on the actual occasion or proceedings of the council and council members are not to make defamatory remarks ‘on the street’. The statement must also relate to a pending matter within the scope of the council’s authority. Mensink then quoted from the Fillmore County Journal’s report of the previous regular council meeting concerning Councilwoman Larson’s statements made as she put forth a no confidence vote for the previous mayor specifically when Larson stated Hare had violated data privacy during the interview process.

Mensink asked, “Prior to any of the comments made that night, was there a proper inquiry made by anyone?” as well as wanting to know if they were listed in any previous meeting minutes. Larson responded, “I had contacted the city attorney regarding this matter five times…” Mensink asked if had been brought up in a council meeting. Larson said yes, she had mentioned it to Lyman Hare and he had looked at her and said okay then it was on to the next thing. Mensink asked if it was public record, to which Larson responded it was in the meeting minutes. Mensink asked which minutes, what month and how long ago. Larson replied, “You know, I have it written down at home Brody in my meeting minutes and I will look them up and share them with you.” Mensink stated he had looked at minutes from the past six months of minutes and found nothing. Larson said, “I will say this Brody, we were standing here at a meeting…I handed Lyman the Minnesota Mayor Handbook. At that time it was four months into term…and I told him at that time ‘I feel some things are not going right’.” “And that’s in the minutes?” Mensink asked. And Councilwoman Larson stated that it should be.

Mensink moved on and quoted the handbook once again concerning the city employee interview process. The handbook states anyone conducting interviews is to be trained to do so. He then asked which of the city council members had been trained to do so prior to conducting an interview. No one answered and Mensink asked again if anyone was trained; still no answer. Mensink recapped, saying the Minnesota League of Cities recommends these things to protect the city from liability and wondered why the council would choose not to follow this advice. Mayor Comstock replied, “Obviously it never has.”

Councilwoman Larson again reiterated she had spoken to the city attorney as well as an attorney for the League of Minnesota Cities prior to making a vote of no confidence. Mensink asked if the attorneys had recommended the vote, Larson said yes. Mensink asked if the attorneys were contacted by email or phone, to which Larson replied it was both. Mensink then asked if those things were public record. Clerk Davis said she was not sure, some of it probably is and some of it probably isn’t.

Mensink continued, citing the handbook once again, stating it was recommended the city attorney attend all city council meetings and asked if the Wykoff city attorney attended all meetings. Councilman Grabau explained Wykoff is a small town and there are fees/costs to have the attorney there. He asked Mensink if he wanted to add more expense to the community. Mayor Comstock said, “He asked a simple question, I have been on the council for 11 years now…” and continued by saying the attorney had not attended meetings. Mensink asked if it was a liability for the city if they did not follow this advice.

“Meeting minutes are considered official papers of the city, it is very important to keep an adequate record of council decisions and the factual information in which council members base their decisions,” Mensink read from his paperwork. He explained how council minutes could be used in a court of law in the event of a law suit. He also stated he had looked at the minutes from the past six months and he didn’t see anything listed in them about any of the issues that were brought up [concerning the previous mayor at the June 2014 council meeting]. He posed the questions, “If none of these issues were ever discussed at any meeting and recorded in the minutes, how could each person vote yes?” [concerning the no confidence vote]. Councilwoman Larson said she had brought up the motion and Mensink stated it had never been talked about at a previous meeting according to the minutes. Councilwoman Larson said, “A no confidence vote had not been brought up at a previous meeting.” Mensink said, “But everyone…everyone separately knew about every issue beforehand?” Councilwoman Larson stated she could not answer for everybody and that she could only answer for herself. Councilman Vreeman said, “Yes I knew of issues.”

Mensink then asked the council if they could tell him what information about a job applicant was public information. Councilwoman Larson said, “According to our attorney, none of it until they accept the position.” Mensink then quoted the Minnesota League of Cities handbook saying, “The following information concerning job applicants is public information. Veteran status, relevant test scores…job history, education…Once an applicant is selected for an interview, their name becomes public record.”

Mensink said he requested and received an advisoral opinion the State of Minnesota Department of Administration to verify the following and continued to explain he had told the Department he had asked the council for the names of the applicants being interviewed and was told he could not have them and was also told it was not public information. He was also told no by the city clerk. He started to quote the advisory opinion he received from the State of Minnesota Department of Administration but Mayor Comstock interrupted stating he was not interested in opinion, only facts. Mensink stated it was the opinion of the State of Minnesota and Mayor Comstock stated Mensink needed facts. Mayor Comstock then said, “Here is the second thing I want you to read, you signed this here paper [the visitor’s registration] and it says you have five minutes and you’ve gone on for about nine.” Mayor Comstock asked for a motion to adjourn, Mensink asked, “Can I just read what it is?” Mayor Comstock continued asking for a motion to adjourn; it was given and carried.

Mensink showed frustrations as he said the council would not let the public talk and said he would continue at the next meeting.


Your comment submission is also an acknowledgement that this information may be reprinted in other formats such as the newspaper.


11:54:29, Jul 11th 2014

resident says:
Way to go Mr. Mensink, somebody is going to start holding the city council accountable for their actions and decisions!! Thank you!


12:50:48, Jul 11th 2014

Brody Mensink says:
Special meetings may be called by the mayor or by any two members of a
five member council or three members of a seven member council. Special
meetings are called by filing a written statement with the city clerk.

Thank you for keeping the citizens of Wykoff informed, myself and many others appreciate it very much.


12:51:30, Jul 11th 2014

I may move back. says:
I wanted to give a huge Kudos to Brody Mensink. If more people had a backbone, and spoke with Facts, not just feelings, and opinions...I believe the right choices for any community would be made! I hope there are more supporters for this man.


3:57:57, Jul 11th 2014

Enough already! says:
Really pats on the back and kudos to you! For having a back bone Mr. Mensink??? Really Kudos to our council for standing up and protecting our town!! All over Lyman Hare! Lol! Really can't wait for his dirty laundry to be hung on the public clothes line for all to see you may have a different opinion of him. Lets remember he resigned. Apparently he is used to running when he gets caught. If he truly did no wrong and he has why did he quit. Why did he want to spend 25-35 thousand of our tax payers $$ for fire sirens when it only cost $200-$300 to repair the broken one? Was it because he wants the one removed by his place so he can build a garage?? This isn't the first public council to have issues with him. It's an enough already let's get back to business and stop this childish behavior!


4:53:53, Jul 11th 2014

to old to run for office says:
I do not believe this is all over Mr. Hare, Mr. Mensink is just pointing out that a city council has rules and that the people in charge of our city should know them and run the city council legally.


4:54:56, Jul 11th 2014

Making it worse says:
"Why did he want to spend 25-35 thousand of our tax payers $$ for fire sirens when it only cost $200-$300 to repair the broken one?"

"A new siren doesn't cost $25,000. That quote is actually for two sirens, but the best siren everyone is using is about $19,000"-Beck

Under researched, uneducated comment.


12:12:24, Jul 12th 2014

Enough already says:
I am proud that Mr. Mensink is taking an initiative and is willing and wanting to learn. More people should have that same initiative. I also hope that he is willing to except the errors of misreading and misinterpreting that all of us come upon throughout our lives. Not saying he is wrong nor am I saying council is wrong because I honestly have no clue of the rules. As for warning sirens may it be $19,0000 for 1. My question is still unanswered. Why spend thousands when it's only $200-$300 to fix? Mr. Mensink I hope you run for council in the fall your initiative to learn is great and I believe being a council person would help with that and learning the other side of the fence with people pointing and asking questions of your decisions you make. I do not believe being a council person or mayor is an easy job for anyone lets move on and put Wykoff back in the news for positive things instead of making it a laughing stock for other communities.


1:32:06, Jul 12th 2014

Get over it. says:
I want to say two things, No one asked the Mayor to resign, a vote of no confidence was given so that those persons/ city could be protected from a potential lawsuit. Second, The Mensinks, and Rowes, are friends of the Hare family so of course they are going to be on his side and try to undermine everything. Last I would like to say to the clique of the former Mayor and to Mr Hare, please calm down your friends, no one asked for your resignation, but to have these people tell the kids of Ms Larson they are going to run her out of town is beyond, I say beyond necessary. And to Mr WE Woy Wowe, or should I say Leroy Rowe, GROW UP!!! You are acting like a little kid when you sit there and flip off council members when you see them. I better see everyone of your names on the ballot next time then. Otherwise sit back and back off. These people are not being paid and do these things on their own time so you can have a city to be enjoyed by all.


1:54:29, Jul 12th 2014

sirens says:
A city the size of Wykoff realistically should only need one siren placed in the yard of the community center and be rotating. I grew up in Wykoff and the closest siren in my town I live in now is further away from my house than the city of Wykoff is in square mileage. It is over a mile away and rotates and I hear it fine. I tend to believe that Mr Hare probably did seek the one in his backyard be removed, however whose property does it belong to, is it easement, utility easement, or city property. If so he should have to follow all variances before pulling a permit anyway.

I have sat back and watched the several comments and heard of all the childish behavior going on from Mr Hare's closest friends. I would only ask that they realize Mr Hare resigned on his own, he was not asked to resign, just called out on one matter. If Mr Hare is as outstanding as his friends make him out to be, and let me say this, I always thought of Lyman and the Hare's an outstanding bunch of people, please just back off from the slander you persons are creating. No need to flip off council persons, or tell their children you are going to run them out of town, that is all childish behavior from you adults. Respect the meeting rules, they are there to keep order and flow in meetings, I sit on a board in my town, if we allowed everyone to go on and on and on, we'd never get through our meetings, which then is counter productive.
An election is coming up, I invite all of you friends of Lyman to get your names on the ballot, and be ready to take the lashings of a voluntary job. In my opinion it isn't worth it. You select few persons have made Wykoff a laughing stock, however it is clearly obvious those of you complaining all sit down to holiday dinners with the mayor who resigned. Wykoff is a small town, decisions are hard to make when you all know each other and that is why I would not envy anyone to be on a government of such a small town. Give these council people a break, they are looking out for the best interest of the city. A city most of them grew up in and have never left at all.


9:49:34, Jul 12th 2014

Why says:
I don't think it is all about Lyman. It is about getting the council to follow the rules, for once. I agree there should be no personal attacks if that is even happening. I also agree people have a right to question public officials. A vote of no confidence does not protect the city from lawsuits either, if that was the case every city that made a mistake would have the vote and say "we are covered now, no need for a city attorney"


10:47:38, Jul 12th 2014

Relax, it's politics says:
Funny, I read the article and Mr. Mensink never once slandered anybody. He asked questions. Then people post comments and say grow up, get over it, then turn around and make fun of people. Very productive. It is good for debates to happen and have people ask questions, it is not good to have personal attacks on either side. If the council has done everything right, then who cares he asks questions. If they didn't, they should answer his questions and just explain what happen, show him the information they have to back up there story and be done. Everybody talks about protecting the city from lawsuits, the rules and laws and attorney protect the city from lawsuits, not a vote of no confidence. People in life don't agree on everything, let Mr. Mensink ask questions, let the council ask questions, have the city attorney there. Then both parties can move on. I think everyone is taking it personal, but it is the cities business, and the publics right to know. Stop the personal attacks, but both sides keep asking questions, just remember it is at the council meeting, after the meeting is over, realize that it is not personal, just business.


11:37:02, Jul 12th 2014

Get over it returns says:
Okay yes I do want to point out that Mr Rowe indeed did flip off MS Larson on the street I saw it. However I was wrong in how I presented my thread my apologies there, as all this stuff is gone beyond ridiculousness. It is all over Lyman's resignation, had he not resigned, none of this would be happening. As sirens said the slander isn't or wasn't from Brody Mensink, it was from the actions certain residents are portraying to the council members on the street. I know several times the council gave Lyman informal warnings to watch how he was operating. In the end he chose to just resign on the spot rather than ask how the council would like to proceed in making things work. The Mayor oversees the council but really has no executive power over the council as the Mayor is a council member them self.


12:29:22, Jul 12th 2014

@get over it says:
That is the point he was trying to make at the council meeting. Informal warning? Is there informal votes happening? Why do anything off the record, if it is that serious do it at the meeting so the public knows what is happening. Not in secret, if all the warnings happen at the meeting so the council could say, we warned you numerous times and this is still happening, but they didn't. Show the emails from the League and attorney. Why be so secretive if everything is legit?


12:41:38, Jul 12th 2014

Get over it returns says:
Okay yes I do want to point out that Mr Rowe indeed did flip off MS Larson on the street I saw it. However I was wrong in how I presented my thread my apologies there, as all this stuff is gone beyond ridiculousness. It is all over Lyman's resignation, had he not resigned, none of this would be happening. As sirens said the slander isn't or wasn't from Brody Mensink, it was from the actions certain residents are portraying to the council members on the street. I know several times the council gave Lyman informal warnings to watch how he was operating. In the end he chose to just resign on the spot rather than ask how the council would like to proceed in making things work. The Mayor oversees the council but really has no executive power over the council as the Mayor is a council member them self.


1:15:24, Jul 12th 2014

@get over it says:
Yes a lot of this probably stemmed from the resignation. And now this comes out, and perfect, the council just needs to show the minutes where they warned him, show the emails from the league and attorney, show that names aren't public information for job applicants and bam, in ten minutes they could prove Mr Mensink wrong. Why don't they just show it and be done?


5:15:43, Jul 12th 2014

concerned says:
This is LeRoy Rowe and I want everyone to know that I did not and would not flip off a council member. The person who said I did this terrible thing to Ms. Larsen needs to come talk to me because they have a mistaken identity problem. I am hurt by this accusation and would like the person to apologize to me and this paper for the slander. I have lived in Wykoff most of my life, owned two businesses, worked for the Bank and was a Council member for many years. I respect the role they do. It is not in my nature to do what you accused me of. If I disagree with what decisions are made, I would talk to you in person, not flip you off. This is my first writing on this site and hope I do not have to write again!


6:31:22, Jul 12th 2014

Brody Mensink says:
Leroy, for some reason me asking questions at the council meeting equated to people bad mouthing you, me, and others. Everyone that knows you, knows that would never happen. I do want to apologize to you and all the other citizens in this town that are being slandered because I asked questions at a city council meeting.

Brody Mensink


7:00:20, Jul 12th 2014

Ya right! says:
Ya right, I am going to guess that after you saw Leroy Rowe flipping anybody off you seen Elvis riding an elephant. Get back on your meds please for the safety of others.


9:24:12, Jul 12th 2014

No way says:
No way Leroy flipped someone off, I would say everyone in town knows the truth about that statement. Sad it was even said though, try to drag another citizen through the mud for no reason.


9:42:36, Jul 13th 2014

@ sirens says:
Mr Mensink asked questions, a lot of which have yet to be answered. Let's wait for the outcome before we become so judgmental. Being judgmental before the facts have come out is why the city is in this position in the first place. He asked questions of a public office, maybe we should wait for answers before we take sides. I could care less what happens but if he is wrong about public information of job applicants and other things it will come out, and dis credit his concerns.If he is right, that will come out too and verify his concerns.


10:15:22, Jul 13th 2014

@Brody Mensink says:
Please know that you asking questions at the city council meeting is not the reason of the the comment of Leroy Rowe being said. This has been a topic throughout the community shortly ( within days) of Mr.Hare resigning.


10:35:42, Jul 13th 2014

THE END says:
I truly wished Mr. Mensink was doing this genuinely. Wanting to learn and help and be part of this community instead of being urged and instigated by the Hare fan club. Which I would have to say is very small a few select families and one of our local law enforcement agents. As can clearly be seen who these people are through the traffic coming and going from that end of town. . Why all of a sudden Mr. Mensink? Maybe you should have been this concerned when your family friend was the Mayor and you could have helped him interpret the rules and he wouldn't have been in the position he put himself in.


11:20:18, Jul 13th 2014

Still no facts says:
I have kept noticing that there every time something is posted against this article, there are no facts. Assumptions and rude comments against families are great for an article like this, more attention for the article, bringing more people to read facts, and also more people to read jibberish that still does not answer any questions. What would be even better, is if somebody posted information that just answered the questions he asked.


8:25:56, Jul 14th 2014

Brody Mensink says:
"I truly wished Mr. Mensink was doing this genuinely. Wanting to learn and help and be part of this community instead of being urged and instigated by the Hare fan club. Which I would have to say is very small a few select families and one of our local law enforcement agents. As can clearly be seen who these people are through the traffic coming and going from that end of town. . Why all of a sudden Mr. Mensink? Maybe you should have been this concerned when your family friend was the Mayor and you could have helped him interpret the rules and he wouldn't have been in the position he put himself in."

Genuinely? I put my name in for the council seat. If I didn't want to help and be part of this community, why would I do that? Why all of the sudden you ask? - I read the meeting minutes monthly to try to stay informed, I didn't see anything in there talking about these issues before, so myself, along with others in the community weren't aware of these issues. (That was mentioned in the article). "As can clearly be seen who these people are through the traffic coming and going from that end of town" Thank you for helping watch over the community of Wykoff, myself, along with many others appreciate this to help prevent crime and keep an eye out for one another. That is what being part of a small community is all about.

Thank you for your questions and comments.

Brody Mensink


9:04:12, Jul 14th 2014

Karma has struck says:
Brody I commend you for all your hard work and time spent on this issue. Leroy I am saddened you were called out so shamelessly. Be assured it is not just the Hare "fan club" talking, The City is talking/laughing at this Council. You say Lyman was not asked to resign,, Was it just meant
to be a public embarrassment perhaps. Have you Council members given any thought of resigning for such shameless behavior. Perhaps poor Wykoff needs a complete new council. Please for everyone's sake consider this. We are certainly giving a very large audience something to talk about.


9:22:13, Jul 14th 2014

New Resident says:
The amount of time Larson is spending in here should be spent on the community education programs she is responsible for. I'm not saying it needs to be her full time job, but for crying out loud, can you think of some summer programs for kids. You have kids, don't you want them occupied with youth growth programs this summer. I don't see any flyers down town for eagle bluff or even the Preston swimming programs or Spring Valley's. The town I moved from had programs all summer for kids, the best I have seen for this town is provided by Fillmore. I don't think that this Mr. Mensink wanted all of this attention, but I'm glad he cares about us as residents and did. Ms. Larson, you are the one that voted no confidence, really no confidence. The next 3 months will tell.


10:02:26, Jul 15th 2014

@new resident says:
Community education and community rec 2 different things. Please stop with personal attacks as they have only created horrible situations for much of our community and children of the community. It's time to get positive and trudge forward and begin to prosper and grow.


1:51:00, Jul 15th 2014

Rochester Resident says:
Thank You Mr. Mensink.... Don't matter who's friends with who your gonna stick by your friends even if you don't know the whole story. You all have skelitons in your closets and your closes friends don't even know about them.
Y'all just grow up and move.


8:44:09, Jul 20th 2014

@ new resident says:
Wykoff has a summer softball league for youths ages 5-18 and they have several teams. Unfortunately over the past few years it has become a place for SV kids to come and play with SV coaches. They are welcomed don't get me wrong but since then Wykoff kids sit on the bench unless they go to Saint John's school :( But otherwise, it is a pretty small town so there isn't a lot to offer. SV park & rec doesn't play nice with Wykoff people and they make them pay extra to participate in anything. As for Preston, don't know what they offer. Just wanted to let you know about softball and explain though.

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