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Saturday, December 3rd, 2016
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Tilting at windmills and blowing smoke; can liberals keep fooling the voters?

By Jeff Erding

Fri, Jul 11th, 2014
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Given the current political situation, no one can envy the position of the liberals and secular progressives in America. New and more serious problems and scandals seem to pop up every day, most of them not at all favorable to the Obama Administration. One would think support for Mr. Obama and his destructive policies would be swirling down the drain with a speed exceeding that of any power flush toilet, but although cracks in the dam of public opinion are starting to widen, hard core liberals from top to bottom have shown a remarkable proclivity to circle the wagons and fight off conservative criticisms. You gotta admire that kind of tenacity!

I’m writing this on the morning of June 27 as the rainy weather is preventing any outside work in the woods or on the farm. Recent events of grave importance are unfolding in the world and America. The radical terrorist group ISIS, composed of bloodthirsty Sunni Islamic militants, has conquered huge sections of Iraq and is setting up the most dangerous terrorist state in the world. This situation, which has turned the entire Middle East from a troubled region into a powder keg that threatens the existence of the free world, is the direct result of terribly misguided military and foreign policy decisions by the Obama Regime including the self proclaimed financially challenged Hillary Clinton. [ We were broke when Bill left office.] A similar meltdown in Afghanistan seems inevitable.

Vladimir Putin is thumbing his nose at President Obama as Russia continues depredations in eastern Europe, not in the least concerned with retaliation by our feckless executive branch or the impotent John Kerry.

Despite ample proof he was informed prior to his inauguration in 2008, Mr. Obama pretended he knew nothing about the tragic problems in the VA healthcare system.

Recent revelations surfaced that key documentation was unaccountably lost in the investigation of the IRS and its blatant persecution of conservative groups. (It was all accidental. Not a shred of a smidgen of wrong doing or illegal activity, according to our Chief Executive and his lap dog Attorney General.)

Foreign illegal children by the thousands are flooding our southern tier of states, overwhelming the ability of our system to cope and adding untold millions to state and federal budgets already drowning in red ink. I know these unfortunate people need help, but there has to be a better way. Who can the U.S.A. help when we become a bankrupt nation ourselves? Can we just keep printing more money forever? What happens when that bubble bursts?

All these things and more, and what stories do the main stream media choose to pursue today ?

The lead story on NBC: The U.S. soccer team advances to the “knock out round” despite a loss to Germany. Stormy weather and flooding in many areas of the country. (Evil carbon emissions, you know!) The courageous efforts of a former Olympic swimmer to walk again after she was badly injured in a car accident. President Obama in Minnesota patting Democrats on the back for hiking the minimum wage and raising money for the campaign coffers of his liberal supporters. {Uh, Mr. President, aren’t there a few things going on in Washington that could use your attention?}

All the other mainstream networks? The same pattern. Like I said, you gotta admire these libs. Deny, Deny, Deny. Grab onto something for a distraction and let the public forget about anything negative. Link elbows and keep telling the voters what a great job the Obama Administration is doing and everything is gonna be just fine. If someone or something creates a distraction that can be used to take attention away from the real issues, exploit it to the maximum! Don’t waste a crisis no matter how trivial or inconsequential.

Lee Hamilton, Director of the Center on Congress at Indiana University and former U.S. Representative, recently published an article calling our attention to the serious consequences America faces resulting from the failure of the mainstream media to give accurate and complete coverage to the actions of our elected and appointed officials. What we need, according to Mr. Hamilton, is less entertainment and more serious, fact based reporting on the events and circumstances that affect us and our nation. Because so many forces try to block or distort the flow of correct information to the public, the importance of the press to inform us cannot be overstated. “This is why the press,” states Hamilton, “is so crucial to our country’s health. In an ideal world, our media would focus on the serious side of the news. It would explore and highlight the substance of issues, not simply the politics. It would detail the facts underlying a story rather than dwelling on personalities.” What role should the press play in protecting citizens from abuses by the government? “Make no mistake,” states Hamilton, “we need maximum oversight…if we are to be certain that misdeeds cannot hide in the darker corners of government. All of us rely on the press to check abuses and see the laws are properly implemented, hold officials accountable, and tell those officials when their policies and operations are failing or going astray.” To this, Mr. Hamilton, please accept a loud and heartfelt “AMEN” from this corner!

Somewhat like the brave but near-sighted Don Quixote in the classic stage musical Man Of Lamancha, who took lance in hand and mounted his spirited charger [actually a burro] to do battle with an evil enemy, only to find he had misidentified a windmill for an enemy combatant, the liberal, secular progressive media searches for easy marks they can attack even though the results mean little or nothing. But unlike the brave and well intentioned Don Quixote, they are neither blind or unaware of the consequences of their actions. Coldly calculating, they are seeking to confuse, distract, and deflect the criticism the politicians they support so richly deserve. Instead of performing their duty and reporting accurately on the events and situations of importance, the main stream media conspires to whitewash or distort anything that would tarnish the image of their liberal deities. Blowing Smoke and Tilting at Windmills, these liberal lackeys consistently refuse to perform the task America so badly needs: that of reporting the facts as they are, not as liberals would like them to be.

What about our elected officials? With all the scandals and blatant illegal activity going on in Washington, what topics most concern the Democratic leadership in Congress? Dismissing all the serious issues as “Partisan politics,” they choose to issue a scathing criticism of the ownership of the Washington Redskins for refusing to change their mascot!! The Justice Department, blind to abuses of the law within the IRS, Immigration, the NSA, and the Veterans Administration, instead announces with righteous indignation their disgust with the Boy Scouts of America for their refusal to allow openly gay leaders and their intention to file federal suit and force a change in the Scouts bylaws. Mr. Obama himself, apparently having forgotten his public announcement that the guilty parties in the IRS scandal would be identified and punished severely, called the whole thing a fabrication this week in spite of revelations of egregious illegal activities at the highest levels of management of the Department! When it comes to Blowing Smoke and Tilting at Windmills, the Obama Regime has no peers.

This pattern of behavior by liberals is by no means restricted to the national level. The first week of May, we were privileged to read in the FCJ a condemnation of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy as it pertained to a grazing rights dispute with the federal government. It is a complicated case with some evidence both in support of and against Bundy. It seemed to me some issues needed to be sorted out before a clear picture emerged of who was at fault. The author, however entertained no such doubts. We are a NATION OF LAWS she said. Bundy and his ilk are nothing more than radical anarchists who defy the authority of government and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We are nothing, she stated, without law. No need to wait until all the facts come out. Bundy is guilty.

This, fellow readers, is a classic case of “Tilting At Windmills” to create a distraction. As though rancher Bundy and a few beef cows in Nevada create some major crisis justifying calling out the National Guard.

Maybe in her next submission, the same writer can explain the refusal of the Obama Justice Department to enforce immigration laws, or the refusal to prosecute law breakers in the “Fast and Furious” gun running scandal. Or the refusal to investigate law breakers in the IRS scandal. In a nation of laws, even the high and mighty must be held accountable, must they not?

A short time later, we learned of a controversial prisoner exchange that freed a former military officer from the United States. The problem many people had with the situation was two-fold; first, the American was classified as a deserter and was being accused by some former fellow soldiers of treason by way of collaborating with the enemy. Second, the deal freed five extremely dangerous Islamic militants who could potentially cause great harm to Americans both in America and abroad. In the midst of a firestorm of criticism over this terribly misguided action by the Obama administration, a plea for patience was published in the Bluff Country Reader. Don’t jump to conclusions, the liberal writer implored. There are things about this case we don’t yet know that will justify the deal. Wait until all the facts come out and we will see what a wise move was made by the diplomatic geniuses in the Obama Administration.

A classic case of “Blowing Smoke.” If there are mitigating circumstances, we sure have not learned about them. Pardon me if I don’t hold my breath until we do.

The June 20 FCJ contained another dandy example, this one a real classic of both “Tilting at Windmills” and “Blowing Smoke.” The writer described the blissful experience of attending the State Democratic Convention, bemoaning the fact that only the unfortunate 2010 election has kept Mr. Obama from turning America into a bona-fide 5-star Utopia.

Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, and the states of Illinois, California, and several others are all controlled by liberals and are broke, but the writer chose not to mention that fact.

She went on to state the Democrats in Minnesota (I didn’t know all the Republicans and Independents had been eliminated from positions in the legislature. Who knew?) had turned a $600 million deficit into a $1.2 billion surplus while at the same time increasing services , increasing funding to schools by $23 million, and cutting property and income taxes! Holy cow! Why on earth would anyone ever vote for a conservative candidate when the Democrats can work that kind of magic?

If only it were remotely true. For this submission, I hereby award to the author the first “Smoke Blower of the Month” award for June 2014.

But she didn’t stop there. Not satisfied with a mere smoke blowing session, she doubled down by going after the NRA and Wayne LaPierre. Tilting at windmills? You bet. The NRA poses zero threat to decent citizens in this country. Now if you are a criminal or a violent law breaker, I can see why you dislike NRA.

She did not really specify her beef, but one must assume she is disgusted with the stubborn refusal of the NRA to surrender the Second Amendment rights of the law abiding citizens of America. If someone could kindly explain how the condition of citizens in America would be improved by stripping law abiding citizens of arms, I would be much obliged. Until then, I plan to fight to keep my guns, thank you very much.

And no, the author of this piece will not win a double award by getting the “Tilting at Windmills” award for June. She was not specific enough in her accusations. Since the awards were just invented, the “Tilting” award this time goes to the person who went after Cliven Bundy last May.

In conclusion folks, please try to see through the hype. As voters, we need to be persuaded by facts and results, not distractions and double talk. Now that you are aware of the conspiracy perpetrated by the main stream media and their local loyal assistants, watch for, recognize, and don’t be fooled by all the “Smoke Blowing” and “Tilting at Windmills.” Our country faces many serious issues and threats, and it sure ain’t the Boy Scouts, Cliven Bundy, or the mascot of the Washington Redskins! Well informed and patriotic voters are the only thing that can save America!! God Bless, Jeff.


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2:10:28, Jul 14th 2014

Lance Bundy says:
Do you still keep your house key under the American eagle doormat?