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The Affordable Care Act

Fri, Jul 11th, 2014
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Dale J. Eppen

By Dale J. Eppen

The Affordable Care Act, the Democrats say one thing and the Republicans say another, so what is the truth?

As a health insurance sales person for 38 years I have read editorial after editorial, and all I read is pooled ignorance. For example, in one of the last editorials the writer claimed insurance companies could drop people. This has never been legal in Minnesota since I have been in business. He also claimed that loss ratios for insurance companies were new; they have been law in Minnesota for years.

Let’s look at MNsure. They claim to have insured 264,500 people as of June 30. Have they really? They have only placed 52,233 in an insurance plan. These are their figures not mine. The balance has been placed on government programs.

As an insurance agent certified to sell through MNsure, let me tell you my experience. I have taken about 50 families through MNsure. Forty two families that already had coverage are now on a MNsure insurance program. One uninsured person also got a MNsure insurance program. This person has since dropped his plan and is now uninsured again. Seven are now through a government program. Three of these families that had insurance dropped their plans to go on a government program. The rest had no insurance and they should have been on a government program any way. I also know of one person who said “If that is what I have to pay for health insurance, I will go without”...another uninsured person.

What I find interesting is that I don’t find anyone complaining in the letters to the editor about how the coverage has changed if he/she is on Medicare. The only thing people want to talk about is how much money they have saved because someone else is paying part, or all, of their premium. Do you really feel this is right? Has anyone ever thought of doing something to lower premiums so that more people can afford coverage?

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