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Tuesday, December 6th, 2016
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Complaints about cats addressed in Canton

Fri, Jun 13th, 2014
Posted in Canton Government

The Canton City Council addressed complaints about cats at their regular meeting on June 11. Jamie and Katie Dierson, as well as other Canton residents, have complained about cats apparently belonging to a neighbor. There are several cats running around in their neighborhood that have no collars or ID tags.

Jamie Dierson and Fillmore County Sheriff Deputy Dan Dornink were present to discuss the complaints with the Council. Mr. Dierson stated that the cats are a problem. They are defecating, killing birds and leaving tracks on his property. He suggested that he would like to do something about it himself.

Councilor Carl Ernst stated that he generally handles the nuisance work for Canton and that any cats caught should be brought to him so he can keep a record. He said that the fines are progressive, meaning that the fine goes up each time the same animal is caught. Deputy Dornink also recommended that Mr. Dierson let the City handle the issue so it can be documented properly.

The Council noted that residents are allowed a total of four cats and dogs in any combination. The Dierson’s neighbor has three cats and one dog registered with the city. It was decided that Councilor Ernst and Deputy Dornink would photo document the registered animals and make sure the owner is in compliance with city’s limit of four cats and dogs. Once that is done any unidentified and unlicensed cats in town will be caught and held for 24 hours before being euthanized.

Please be aware that Canton is trying to reduce the number of stray and excess cats running around town, so it is very important to keep track of your pets and to make sure they are licensed. If you need to register a pet or if you cannot find your cat, please immediately contact the City Clerk’s office at (507) 743-5000.

Other Business

Canton resident Ken Fabian was present to ask the Council for dust control on Prairie Avenue by the ball diamond to the township shed. He stated that his house is full of dust and noted that there is a lot of traffic and people drive fast on that road. City Clerk Lolly Melander got two quotes, Chucks Feed of Peterson at .75/ft and Chuck Larson of Ostrander at .55/ft. The Council approved the dust control and added that Prairie Ave. should be bladed before the dust control was applied. They stated that Chuck Larson had done this road in the past so they would contact him.

Town engineer Jon Nordsving reported that a waste pump went bad so they are using an old one while he looks into the cost of rebuilding or replacing the broken pump. He also informed the Council that the cost is about $1,500 for the type and brand pump as the one the City is borrowing. He said that Darin Nordsving would accept a $700 utility credit as payment for the pump. The Council approved purchase of the pump.

The new Canton Government Center barely resembles the old liquor store anymore. The door has been relocated to the side of the building with a ramp to the entrance and the siding has been updated. Much of the interior work, including sandblasting the ceiling, insulating and installing the furnace is done. The roof still needs to be done and the interior will need wall board, fixtures and outlets to be finished. The project is moving along and the changes are hard to miss.

Councilor Cindy Shanks was not present to provide an update on the plans for Canton Day Off, however details about the event are always available online at

A public hearing was also held on June 11 to get input from surrounding neighbors about the request to vacate an alley made by Jamie and Holly Knutson at the City Council meeting in May. It was held prior to the regular council meeting and was open for comments from the public. Before adjourning the hearing, Mayor Donivee Johnson stated that a decision on the issue must be made by all members of the council. Since two council members were not present the issue was tabled until next month.

The next regular meeting of the Canton City Council is on Wednesday, July 9, at 7 p.m.


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10:56:29, Jun 19th 2014

Concerned Town Neighbor says:
This is rather disgusting that unidentified cats are to be euthanized! I don't understand why innocent animals are to be killed because there are so many irresponsible pet owners that fail to spay/neuter their pets. It's shameful that the town of Canton cannot take the time to contact an animal rescue, such as Paws and Claws in Rochester for example, to aid in removing the cats from town without euthanization!!


8:50:37, Jun 24th 2014

AnimalLover says:
24 hours and you will kill them?!? Do you think it is possible that lost tags, lost collar could happen and you would be killing some child's pet or family's pet? WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU! Hold them and put up notice. You are disgusting people!


7:41:55, Jul 1st 2014

Disgusted MN Resident says:
Wow, I cannot believe a town council would really come to the conclusion that 24 hours was adequate notice. I have contacted a few animal shelters that informed me that by MN state LAW animals are to be kept for 5 days if found as strays....someone forgot to research before just coming up with a number of hours. I'm shaking my head in disgust that animals could loose their life because some residents are afraid of their precious yard being "marked" up. Canton is a small town in the country, all kinds of animals can be found in yards. I live in Preston where deer, birds, squirrels, and other animals go into my yard. Have a heart people! Give adequate time and postings of found animals. If not claimed send to a shelter!!!

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