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Wednesday, October 26th, 2016
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Brutus is an honorable man

Fri, Jun 13th, 2014
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It has been a wonderful treat over these past few weeks to hear from the area’s own State Representative, one Greg Davids. It’s not often we get a chance to see inside the mind of our elected officials, and it’s even rarer to get to see into the mind of their well-paid party operatives. It truly has been illuminating to read Mr. Davids’ commentary and, as a legislator that has been a near permanent elected official since the time I was 6 years old, it should go without saying that he wouldn’t simply parrot party-line talking points that can easily be disproved with a simple Google search. No doubt our long-term representative is well aware of the dangers of resorting to scare tactics or fearmongering in his public discourse, so it was refreshing to see that he didn’t try to paint a clearly counterfactual picture of the job creating and beneficial Affordable Care Act, which is growing in popularity more and more as it is implemented.

I wanted to be sure to commend Representative Davids for his hard-line stance against the teachers and professionals who engage in the piffling task of education the next generation of Americans. In this day and age of less technology, shrinking classroom sizes and an increasingly un-global marketplace, there’s absolutely no reason why we should be giving our teachers and educators such extravagant luxuries as hospital visits. Why, I know that even I, a part-time Minnesota educator, spent a year working with special education students, and surely you’d agree that such a cakewalk of a job shouldn’t be dignified by the community with uppity ideas like healthcare. If I had wanted to get my badly deteriorating Wisdom Teeth removed earlier, I should have been a Real American and gotten a Real Job at a Lobbying Firm or, as former Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney said, I should have simply stuck my parents with the bill. Greg Davids has a plan for Minnesota’s future, and that future mostly consists of begging the past for money, and that’s as it should be.

But I know I haven’t convinced you enough. Mr. Davids is right: MNsure is a “colossal failure.” Why, as the deadline approached, the Star Tribune reported that it had only “1,000 enrolling daily.” He was right to use words like “compliance” and “unfunded mandate” to create a picture of the Affordable Care Act as an act of oppressive government, and the most recent of a long string of right-wing violence earlier this week in Nevada certainly has nothing to do with the overheated rhetoric over the man with the “un-American” name in the White House or the audacity of said “foreign” sounding man to pass a Healthcare program originally created by, and passed in states by, Republicans themselves. I mean, it’s not like Minnesota has had any problems with unstable men misusing their guns... except that one.... or that other one. I say Representative Davids is on the right track with his short, punchy articles. After all, no one gets scared into giving away their lunch money from the kid who asks nicely... and all of those proposed tax cuts aren’t going to pay for themselves. Surely, we should believe that Representative Davids, a man who makes more at his Capitol part-time job than I will make in one full year of my full-time job, has the interests of the poor and downtrodden close to his heart.

Not close to your heart, though. That thing’s a ticking time bomb. Too bad you can’t go to the doctor, though... you’re only part time.

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