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Friday, August 26th, 2016
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Guest commentary: In response to “Why I am a Democrat”

Fri, May 30th, 2014
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Linda Hovland

By Linda Hovland

I am reminded of when a person dies, all we remember are the good things about that person instead of any of the bad. It’s good to be be a positive person, but when it comes to our Presidents, or Congress or the Senate for that matter, I’m just not feeling it.

You brought up FDR’s speech about charity. When we were kids, about the worst thing you could do is ask for charity and if you were on welfare, you were the lowest of the low. Help was given by family and friends and that was OK because you would help them back.

You brought up Truman. He ordered the atomic bomb that killed 120,000 people in Japan and crippled thousands more (saw that on the History channel this week), stopped that war then started the Korean War.

We lost over 36,000 people total to that war.

Next, JFK. I thought he was a great president but then again I was a kid, later it was said that he had an affair with Marilyn Monroe. She committed suicide or was murdered and made it look like suicide. Jury is still out on that one. It did stop his dirty little secret.

OK now LBJ. He brought us into the Vietnam War. That was very unpopular and people were very angry and took it out on our military. They would come home to no support and lots of times boo’ed. I remember that. We had a lot of family that went to that war. There were over 58,000 killed in that war.

Next Bill Clinton. I voted for him and thought he was a great President until Monica came into the picture and Bill lied about his little indiscretion. A lot of people looked at Hillary at that time and thought she didn’t seem to care.

Now Obama. First Obama violated the federal law by instructing the federal government to not enforce federal immigration laws. Then Obama violates the Constitution with bypassing Congress to create law with the Dream Act. It gave him the Hispanic vote, but now they demand that Obama extend amnesty to 11 million illegals here in the U.S. What is that saying to all the people who worked very hard, and paid a lot of money, to get here the right way.

He’s put us in debt to a point that we can’t possibly get out and forced us into a health care system that wasn’t researched fully.

I guess I’m an independent voter. I do vote, but right now it looks to me like everyone in government is only looking out for themselves and we are paying for it.

I sure wouldn’t admit to being a Democrat or Republican.

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