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Monday, October 24th, 2016
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Part 1: Mabel-Canton senior class trip diaries 2014

Fri, May 2nd, 2014
Posted in Canton Education

Day 1

By Emily Brumm & Kourtney Coyle

While most people were sleeping at 3 a.m. on the morning of Thursday, April 10, the Mabel-Canton seniors were already awake and preparing for the long day ahead. We had spent the past five years preparing for this day. All those years of paying class dues and fundraising had finally paid off. We sleepily waved goodbye to our parents as many of them quietly held back their emotions. Our first stop was for a quick bathroom break and to pick up our bus driver, Mark “the Shark,” and tour guide, Tom Spindler. After six hours we finally arrived in the Windy City and were more than ready to stretch our legs.

Our first stop was Willis Tower. Walking out onto the Skydeck was eerily exhilarating. Millennium Park became the next stop on our adventure, where we laid our eyes on the famous bean sculpture. After taking a drive by Lake Michigan, we headed onward towards Notre Dame University in Indiana. We toured the athletic complex and had the pleasure of watching the male diving teams practice in their speedos. After that, we boarded the bus yet again for another long drive. This time we ended in Maumee, Ohio, where we spent the night enjoying the pool and eating pizza. It had been a great start to the trip of a lifetime.

Day 2

By Sara Lind & Belle Sand

We started day two off early, waking up at 3:45. We left our hotel in Maumee, Ohio, and headed for Gettysburg, Penn. We stopped at truck stops in Ohio for breakfast and in Pennsylvania for lunch. After eating, we continued driving and ended up in Gettysburg around 1:30.

When we entered Gettysburg, we went to the visitor’s center. There they had weapons on exhibit and a small museum. After walking through the museum, we watched a short film and saw a cyclorama of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Our tour guide, Tom Spindler, led us on a walking tour through Gettysburg. Our first stop was at cannons. The boys and girls had a contest to see who could “fire the cannon” the fastest, and, of course, the girls won. We continued, stopping at many memorials and making our way to a national cemetery and the spot where Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address. Chelcie Busch, a classmate of ours, was lucky enough to be chosen as the person to read Lincoln’s Address. As we were finishing, it began to sprinkle.

Although it was sprinkling, we were able to wander around Gettysburg on our own. A group of us girls ate at a Pub. After eating, we looked through little gift shops that were all down the streets. We came across this cute little pink building and found that it was a cupcake shop. There were so many cupcake choices, and they all looked so good. We decided on the cookie dough cupcake. It was a creamy vanilla cupcake with cookie dough on the inside and cookie dough flavored frosting and a cookie on top. It was delicious!

After having our tasty cupcakes, we headed back to the hotel to go on the Gettysburg night tour. On the night tour, we had a candlelit ceremony for the people who died in the Battle of Gettysburg, and we sang “Amazing Grace.” We stopped at many monuments during the night walk. Our personal favorite was the Pennsylvania monument. We took a staircase to the top and could look over the majority of the battlefield. It was kind of eerie and chilling at night and was a great experience. To end the night tour, we sat in a circular monument and listened to a few of Tom’s ghost stories. After that we walked back at our own pace, hoping to see ghosts. When we got back to the hotel, we headed to bed to get ready for our third day of the senior class trip.

Day 3 Morning

By Mac Nelson, Hunter Johnson, and Andy Sollien

On Saturday, April 12, we got up and had breakfast. Then after breakfast, we went down to the Gettysburg Visitor’s Center to pick up our tour guide, Phil Cole, to go on a three hour tour of Gettysburg and the battlefield. We toured through the town and saw many buildings that were still standing from the Gettysburg battle. We also saw a building that still had the bullet holes in it and another building that had an artillery shell in the wall. After touring the town, we started to go through the battlefield grounds, stopped at the watchtower and saw a really nice view. We made nine stops along the way.

One of the most interesting stops was at Devil’s Den. Devil’s Den is a rock formation where there was fighting during the Civil War. We walked through woods to get there. When we were there, the guide showed interesting things, like where soldiers carved their names in the rock, but people scribbled them out. We really enjoyed our time in Pennsylvania, and we were looking forward to the rest of the trip. After we hiked back, we went to a restaurant called Pickett’s Buffet to have some delicious food.

Day 3 Afternoon

By Austen Whitacre & Riley Marlow

April 12 was the third day of this trip. The afternoon of this day was filled with interesting facts and was a lot of fun. Our destination was Harpers Ferry, and then we were off to our hotel in Charlottesville, Va. Harpers Ferry was full of historical sites and amazing views. Harpers Ferry is the home of Jefferson Rock. It is also where John Brown raided the arsenal in an attempt to help end slavery. This site not only has a historical value, but has a view of where the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers meet. The town was bustling with people when we arrived, and the people there were friendly and focused on the sites. The visit to Harpers Ferry lasted a few hours, which was filled with interesting sights and facts.

Once we got back to the bus, we headed for the Blue Ridge Mountains. These mountains are very beautiful, and the feeling of being that high is extraordinary. The best part of these mountains the view of the overlook at Big Hogsback. These mountains are part of the Shenandoah Valley National Park. After everyone had a chance to look over the land below the mountain, we got back on the bus and started our way down. When we reached Charlottesville, we found our hotel and settled in. After unloading the bus and putting all our stuff in our rooms, we were able to enjoy a relaxing night of pizza and swimming.

See next week’s Fillmore County Journal for the next entries in the Mabel-Canton senior class trip diaries.

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