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Sunday, December 4th, 2016
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Unemployment and Nobamacare

By Col. Stan Gudmundson

Fri, Apr 25th, 2014
Posted in All Commentary

Democrats have held the White House and the Senate for upwards of five years. After all that time the jobless rate, “defined as a person who does not have a job, but is actively looking for one” is 6.7 percent. On the other hand if the unemployment rate includes people who have given up on finding a job etc., the unemployment rate is 13.1 percent.

In December 74,000 new jobs were created but 347,000 were eliminated from Labor Department statistics because they supposedly had given up trying to find work. For the year 2013, that number is 762,000. Since the beginning of this recession and the “robust recovery”, 6.5 million have quit, whatever that means, the workforce.

Now we’ve done what with the duration for unemployment benefits? If properly manipulated this is a virtual retirement program. Swedes concluded that “generous unemployment benefits increased unemployment rates”. To solve that problem they now reduce unemployment rates downward as time passes. Time for something similar here perhaps?

In addition, U.S. teen unemployment is 21 percent though black teen unemployment is closer to 50 percent. Almost one-quarter of 26-years old still live with their parents. Student debt now exceeds $1 trillion. Per capita national debt is over $53,000 for each U.S. citizen.

Overall, under Obama’s way-cool leadership food stamp use has increased 46-percent, the poverty rate has risen 23-percent, gasoline costs are up 79-percent, and the federal debt has grown 55-percent to over $17 trillion.

During Obama’s most recent State of the Union address, he spoke 6,778 words during which he mentioned the national debt, the Keystone Pipeline, and government spending exactly zero times. He did however, mention the budget and NobamaCare four times each.

In Germany, where they seem to have a better grip on economics, “economists have created a formula to measure ‘tax attractiveness’”. U.S. position in the ranking of 100 national economies? 94th. For you slower liberals, the 100th position is the bottom. Pretty good ain’t it?

Back in 2011 the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated that the equivalent of 800,000 full-time jobs would be lost because of Nobamacare. The CBO just released an updated report of that earlier estimate. The now believe NobamaCare will reduce the equivalent number of workers by 2.5 million by 2021. They also concluded that this “taxpayer-funded…subsid(y) provide(s) disincentives for full-time work”. Or as one analyst put it people are “going to be prevented from taking jobs because they need the subsidies”.

As for those who have signed up for Nobamacare, many of them are enrolled in Medicaid. Moreover, this wonderful new program has created a new untoward incentive. Some employees are having their wages reduced low enough to qualify for Medicaid and are then paid the rest of their wages under the table in cash. Employees get healthcare coverage and employers don’t have worry about paying for their healthcare insurance. At the same time these people also become eligible for whole variety of other goodies to include food stamps.

By the way, I would call it the Affordable Care Act as Democrats wish, but it is not very affordable and it is not much in the way of care either. Which raises another question. If insurers can’t deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, why can Nobamacare deny us pre-existing insurance coverage and pre-existing doctors?

Listen to a Democrat though and they make sound as if the Republican policies and ideology are all to blame. One of the common criticisms, as New York’s new mayor de Blasio recently asserted is that, “the far right continue(s) to preach the virtue of trickle-down economics”. One problem. This so-called theory doesn’t exist anywhere.

Tom Sowell says that, “if there is ever a contest for the biggest lie in politics, this one should be a top contender.” He once “challenged anybody to quote any economist outside of an insane asylum who had ever advocated this ‘trickle-down’ theory”. No takers so far.

That doesn’t prevent liberal politicians from repeating the big lie though. Just another reason why I dislike liberalism so much.

Okay, all you left-wing zealots out there, defend yourselves. Tell us why Obama and the Democrats are good for our country. Also tell us why we should overlook these dismal results. Tell us why we should support and vote for this desolate ideology. While you are at it, why don’t you also tell us why you are proud to be an American and why you are proud of our country.

Feel free to wander about. Cover all of or one of the big three; economic, foreign, and domestic policies that are so successful. Then explain why it is a wonderful idea for a president to blow off the constitution and the rule of law we all at one time took for granted. That is, by the way, what American exceptionalism is. Rule of law takes precedence over everybody and everything to include the president. Well, it used to anyway.

Trouble is you can’t or won’t defend much. For at least three reasons. First, there are few facts to support your positions. Second, most liberals have a devotion to the Democrat Party based on a feel-good, better-than-thou, fact-free results don’t matter, you can’t ever change my mind sort of faith. Third, many liberals have a visceral hatred for those of us on the right. Unfortunately many liberals don’t seem to much like America either.

Most would never admit they are wrong even if God himself brought them tablets of stone telling them they were wrong and why. I’d also bet He would do that in a lot less than 2,500 pages. Or stone tablets as it were.

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