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Wednesday, October 26th, 2016
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Joyfully, those restricting bonds of winter melt away

Fri, Apr 4th, 2014
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As the accursed snow melts away and the ground that seemed buried forever appears, the bonds of winter slowly melt away. Hopefully, no more 10 layers of clothing, no more shoveling and chopping ice or trudging through two feet of snow, and no more icy roads at least until the light of day diminishes once again and our world turns white once more. This is my favorite season when life is renewed and winter is as far in the future as possible.

I feel lighter already even though those extra winter pounds have yet to be shed. It is a feeling of freedom especially this year. Even those bizarre winter lovers have yearned for a friendlier season this year. Enough is enough! Normally dry runs and slow, shallow creeks are rushing with brown, churning water. All that brown ground that has reappeared from under the snow is so welcome. Brown is beautiful. Warmer moisture will soon deliver those new green shoots and those hills and valleys will turn a deep green.

Hopefully, in a few more weeks, we will be able to inhale the scents of spring as farmers return to the fields. Everything from the unpleasant stench of manure applications to the more pleasant aroma of newly turned earth will be in the air.

The new life of spring is so close I can almost taste it. Tender new buds, crocus and daffodils, and green grass will be some of the first signs of nature’s renewal. The new baby calves and lambs will dot the countryside, while they kick up their heels and romp across the pastures in four-legged play. Robins and redwing blackbirds again grace us with their presence. Windy days are refreshing instead of biting.

My horses can feel it. There is a lightness to their step, a toss of their heads, play fighting, and some fancy rearing, twisting and bucking that best not take place under saddle. Although, this time of year a little light hearted crow hopping is to be expected even under saddle and is truly enjoyed by their rider.

I love the outdoors and the experiencing of natural life everywhere.

Alas, this is Minnesota. We will have to endure a few hiccups as winter does not seem to fade away without kicking us a time or two more, but this is April, so it is OK. We know we have once again earned the best Minnesota has to offer.

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