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Sunday, December 4th, 2016
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Letter about Panko rebuttal

Fri, Apr 4th, 2014
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To the Editor,

Honestly folks, I’m not going to waste much effort bandying words with a person who approves of an administration that has: a) stonewalled for months on “Fast and Furious’’, b) blatantly ignores the law of the land and the oath of office of the presidency by enforcing only those laws it finds acceptable, c) stonewalls and openly lies about Benghazi, d) openly lies about the effects and costs of the [un]Affordable Care Act.

This administration may be inept in all things requiring intelligence, diplomacy, and leadership, but it has no peer when it comes to obfuscation, stonewalling, and downright dishonesty.

Can Mr. Panko really think the Obama Administration has no knowledge of the fact that conservative groups are being unfairly targeted by the IRS? Maybe if witnesses like Lois Learner would just testify instead of pleading the fifth, the truth could come out.

Two final points. Mr. Panko, please try to think of your own title when you write a commentary. Plagiarizing your title from me is not cool. Also please know that just because some television and radio talk show hosts use abusive, insulting, and rude language when talking to others doesn’t make it OK for you to do the same.

Jeff Erding

Wykoff, MN

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