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Wednesday, September 28th, 2016
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Journal Writing Project Confidence is key

Fri, Nov 11th, 2011
Posted in Journal Student Writing Project

Have you ever looked back at a point in time and realized that it made you who you are today? I know I have, and I know that it's a pretty great feeling to know that you're a better person now because of that time.

I'm only 17, so I haven't had a lot of experiences that I'll remember my whole life, but just a few weeks ago I realized that I had been living one of these situations. We had just lost a volleyball game to Lewiston-Altura. It was the subsection semi-finals, we played in the Mayo Civic Center Arena on a Saturday afternoon, and we lost in five close sets. I definitely wasn't celebrating at that point in time, but I felt very accomplished.

At the beginning of our season, I was so nervous before our first game that I couldn't sit still. I was shaking and worried that I would be hurting my team. I told my teammates how nervous I was and they replied with common answers like "me too" or "just relax Bails, you'll do fine." At that time it didn't matter that other people had confidence in me, I couldn't find it for myself. I didn't believe that I was good enough to be competing with these other girls. I did the most I could to avoid thinking about the match that day and making my nerves worse, but nothing really helped.

We were playing Leroy-Ostrander, and I didn't realize how much fun it was until the game was over. Sure, I'd made mistakes, but volleyball is a game of mistakes. The fun came when I realized that I could do anything I set my mind to, and if I needed help then my teammates were there to back me up, that's what teams are for. Having completed this game gave me confidence in myself, and made me realize that my teammates had faith in me to help them out, just like they would do for me.

Before that first game I thought that it was just another season of volleyball, the only difference from any other being that it was my last. But after the season I realized that those 11 girls changed me. They made me realize that there would always be someone to back me up, so I should put myself out there, take a risk, and live life.

Now if this wasn't what you expected, then believe me, I was right there with you. I never expected to be so grateful to a high school sports team. But it just goes to show that life can change quickly or over a period of time, but you aren't going to know that something was important until its over. So go out there, have fun, and live because it'll be worth it in the end, and someone's always there to back you up.

Bailey Hanson is a student at Mabel-Canton High School. She is one of 8 area students participating in the Journal Writing Project, now in its thirteen year.

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