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Saturday, December 10th, 2016
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Fountain City Council shows support for Taste of the Trail

Fri, Feb 14th, 2014
Posted in Fountain Government

Rose Voight addresses the Fountain City Council to discuss Taste of the Trail. Photo by Barb Jeffers

The Fountain City Council met Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. in the city office. All members were present with the exception of Chad Wangen. Mayor Richard Kujath, City Clerk Ronda Flattum, and Police Chief Tom Mosher were also present.

Consent agenda items were approved including minutes from the January 2, 2014 meeting, Treasurer’s report, monthly city bills, monthly Fire Department bills, and also bills for the Fire Department picnic on February 8, 2014.

The council additionally approved a $100 donation each to the Fillmore Central School and Lanesboro School toward post-prom activities.

In the City Clerk report Smith Schafer & Associates will be back on February 18, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. to review what they audited. The Zoning Ordinance regarding chickens within city limits was discussed per a resident’s request. The council decided to leave the ordinance as it stands with no chickens allowed within city limits.

Police Chief Mosher reported a black lab continuing to run loose in town. The dog owner is being sought. Officer Mosher discussed the purchase of a book to learn the new DVS system. Mosher assisted a female at an apartment to get her son during a boyfriend/girlfriend issue.

Mosher received report of a suicidal female who left Fountain. The woman was found at Diamond Joe’s Casino. He also received a negative report of drugs in a residence. Mosher spoke with resident blowing snow into the street.

A third letter has been sent to a couple that have already received two citations. They have been given until February 14, 2014 to comply or they will receive a third citation. Mosher investigated report of a suspicious vehicle driving around that was found to be legitimate.

There has been a concern about weekday parking on Main Street with cars parked from the Fire Station up to Drury’s and other spots on Main Street by bus riders. Flattum phoned the bus company and they will make an announcement on the bus as well as send out emails to bus riders that parking should be off of Main Street.

Tom Mosher discussed attending Street Officer’s Response to Civil Disputes training on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 in Wabasha, Minn. The fee is $70 and would be split between Fountain and Ostrander. The council approved the training.

Rose Voight attended the meeting to discuss items having to do with Taste of the Trail which will be happening in Fountain on September 6, 2014. The council approved a donation of $200 to Taste of the Trail. A city map will be acquired by Voight for use with Taste of the Trail as the city does not have an updated map. The council approved the use of the Community Hall free of charge for a fundraiser for Taste of the Trail. The date of the fundraiser has yet to be determined. Rose informed the council that she is looking for volunteers to help with Taste of the Trail.

Tri-County Electric has donated a sign to Taste of the Trail for the side of the building near the Trail Head in Fountain as the old sign has deteriorated. The cost of a plexi-glass cover for the sign was approved by the city council. Voight discussed the possibility of having a QR code on the sign which she hopes to have installed by the end of March 2014. The symbol for Fountain was designated as the water tower with the picture of the bike on it.

There were no items under Old Business. In New Business tobacco licenses were approved for renewal for Willie’s Grocery & Locker and Herman’s Standard. Liquor license renewals for the Bent Wrench for on sale, off sale, Sunday sale, and optional 2 a.m. sales and for Los Gables for on sale and Sunday sales were approved.

AT&T requested that the council review the site modification being proposed. The company would like to attach a three foot in diameter microwave dish onto the side of the tower that they say will not interfere with anything. The five year lease is up in 2015 and Flattum suggested the city make the changes to the lease as suggested by Tom Manion in the past. The lease will be sent to Kelly Wagner to look at possible changes. The council will check to make sure the dish would not interfere with maintenance on the water tower before taking action on the matter.

The Capstone Design Project has been approved. The University of Minnesota students and instructor would like to come to Fountain on February 21, 2014. Flattum will contact Dave Morrill to see if he is available to be on hand that day. A letter has been sent to the MPCA informing them that the project has been approved.

Brenda Johnson of the Southeastern Minnesota League of Municipalities sent a letter asking the city council to review and vote their support for legislative policies. Each city gets one vote. The council voted to support the policies listed in the letter.

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