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Friday, October 28th, 2016
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Living with D.A.R.E.

Fri, May 28th, 2010
Posted in Education

The Kingsland D.A.R.E. class listed alphabetically: Dylan Affeldt, Logan Back, Cole Beevers, Josie Bellrichard, Brett Bornholdt, Nikolaas Brundige, Adam Buckholtz, Kevin Burch, Derek Clement, Teagan Clement, Logan Copeman, Mitchell Dempewolf, Caeleb Dodd, Breanna Douglas, Courtney Erding, Dakota Fay, Johnathan Fenske, Andrew Glenna, Rachel Grabau, Aaron Greene, Benjamin Gruszynski, Colt Hamersma, Kelby Hamersma, Shayleigh Johnson, Sophia Johnson, Tyler Kappers, Cory Kaster, Reann Kimball, Kahri Kolden, Cody Krahn, Erin Larimer, Quinn Larson, Kaelyn Lee, Troy Leutink, Jaykob Martin, Hannah Meyer, Connor Mills, Cayley Miner-Tjepkes, Makala Nauman, Eaen O’Byrne, Brennen O’Connor, Wyatt Partch, Kiara Reichstadt, Karson Reiland, Riley Roen, Morgan Sanford, Danielle Scholze, Montanna Schoonover, Andrea Scrabeck, Brianna Semmen, Hailey Smith, Kaylee Stearns, Hanna Swancutt, Brittany Vantries, and Ashley Zimmerman. Photo by Jason Sethre

Living with D.A.R.E. does not only mean drugs, it means making right choices. You shouldn't let a friend make your choices for you, even if they are your best friends, because the choices may not always be something good, like having you do drugs. Your choices about drugs can lead to bad health, but not all of the time. That can be judged by the way you choose to make your life and if something does go wrong, there can be a way to fix it, sometimes.

Has your friend ever made you do something that you didn't want to do? Maybe, but most likely not. You almost always have a choice for everything, which includes drugs, too! Let's say that your friend asks you to go smoke with him or her. Are you thinking of how to say no? If not, you should be. Just because your friend is doing something does not always mean that you have to do it. A good friend won't care if you said no, and a good friend wouldn't keep bothering you to do it. Even though it can be tempting to say yes, say no. It is, in fact, the right choice to say no.

Drugs can damage you permanently and can cause diseases like cancer. They can also become very addictive. When people do drugs, they are damaging many body parts like their brain, mouth, throat, lungs, heart, and liver. Drugs don't always cause diseases, but they always cause damage if you get addicted to them. I once met a man who got addicted to drugs when he was young and still did them when he was older. He had been living a rough life. McDonalds wouldn't even let him buy food from them because he was gross. He had to go to a hospital and they told him that he had two holes in his brain. He won't ever recover from those holes, but he is sober now. This got my attention in a lot of ways and on how I want to spend my life.

Both drugs and choices are important in how you make your life. Your choice in whether you do drugs or not, isn't only a choice, but a life-threatening decision. You can do them and have misery, or not do them and be happy. Things can happen along your lifetime that you don't like, but that won't stop you from living a good life. That concept is different when you are doing drugs because once you are addicted to them, you won't know what you are saying or doing. Drugs won't be the only important decision in your life, but it is one that 15 percent of teenagers make. Year after year that number decreases, which means it gets less than the year before. If we can keep making good decisions, our future could become great! We wouldn't have to worry about bad health or several diseases.

Although our friends will influence some of our choices, we could make sure that the choices are good ones. Yes, drugs are dangerous, but that is why we are learning about D.A.R.E., and the way you live your life will be just fine, if you don't get involved.

I, Kiara Reichstadt, don't only pledge not to do drugs, but I will try to make a difference about how to not do drugs and I will keep my friends away from them as well. Everyone has a chance to make things right, so I won't ruin it by doing drugs.

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