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Drug free is home free!

Fri, May 28th, 2010
Posted in Education

The Mabel-Canton D.A.R.E. class listed alphabetically: Anthony Bankes, Connor Benson, Delanie Davis, Wyatt Frederickson, Parker Henry, Sierra Hunter, Mitchell Kuhn, Mitchell Lee, Samantha Loppnow, Megan Melbostad, Alexander Mengis, Brittany Quam, Taylor Richardson, Alyssa Tangen, Joshua Vatland, Cody Ward, and Emma Wathier. Photo by Jason Sethre

Drugs..drugs are dangerous. Staying drug free is a commitment all kids should make. It would even be a good idea for adults to become drug free. But, like all things, it's a choice. And, you and only you, can make that choice. D.A.R.E. has helped me understand that drugs can do permanent damage to the body that can affect my everyday lifestyle. In my D.A.R.E. experience, I have learned that there are 200 known poisons in tobacco. Unbelievable! Tobacco also contains nicotine, a substance that causes addiction, making it hard for smokers to quit.

I feel that it is very important to enforce drug awareness to children and teens. The things they learn in D.A.R.E. classes can save their lives someday. It is a known fact that 30,000 people die a year from secondhand smoke. So, all you people out there who think they are absolutely safe from the affects of smoking, be aware that the people you hang around can also affect your health. D.A.R.E. has impacted my life. It has encouraged me to help people in new ways. My aunt recently had a stroke, and she is a smoker. If she had not been a smoker, she might not have had that stroke. We also had a speaker, Dave Murkle, come and talk to us about how drugs affected his life. He explained to us that the people were giving him drugs when he was a kid. The people who he thought were his friends, didn't even care about him. They just wanted the money out of his pocket. So be conscious of who you hang out with. They might just be wanting your money, not your friendship.

So, to sum this all up, I would like you to know that drugs such as marijuana, heroine, methamphetamine and all the rest, DO kill innocent people. Drugs are evil, and the farther you stay from them, the better person, parent, child, and friend you'll be. Staying drug free can be hard; it's understandable. But if you try your absolute hardest, you can accomplish anything. Like all things, it will take some practice and time. Whether you are drug free or not, I hope this essay has helped you. Take my advice and keep your head high, your chin up, and proudly say "no" to drugs and alcohol, with a smile on your face!

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