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Tuesday, December 6th, 2016
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Here are a few thoughts on this and that

By Col. Stan Gudmundson

Fri, Jan 17th, 2014
Posted in All Commentary

Not long ago Adrian Peterson lost a child. I thought he showed considerable strength through this ordeal. He even played in a football game the same week of his child’s death. That is what I thought. Initially anyway. Until I found out that this child was one of seven that he fathered with several mothers. Great athlete. Deficient character. Ghetto values. Some bravery, some role model. By the way, more than 25 percent of white children are now born out of wedlock as are 53 percent of Hispanic and 73 percent of Black children.

The lamestream media was all abuzz recently about an unemployment rate that is supposedly 7 percent. If the labor department used the same workforce numbers for this year as they did for last year’s calculations, the unemployment rate would be 8 percent. In addition, the 7 percent figure is partially as a result of government employees “returning” to jobs they never lost in the first place during the government shutdown. Figures lie and liars figure.

If a law is so complex and so long that not one single individual, no matter how smart, could understand it all, then what is it? There may be precise English words that might describe and define what they are but I don’t know any adequate descriptors myself. Whatever they are, they are not law in the sense such that anyone of us could remotely comply with the “ignorance of the law is no excuse” imperative. Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, and the modern bureaucratic state’s diktats have all gone far beyond comprehensible and reasonable law as it should be. Tyranny? I don’t know if that is an adequate word but we no longer have law. We have something else.

Did you know that Obama omitted the words “under God” when he recited the Gettysburg address honoring its 150th anniversary? Why?

I would submit that Iraq, given its resources and position, is of greater strategic importance than is Afghanistan. We have abandoned Iraq. But, in criticizing the Bush administration, Obama contended that Afghanistan was the more important conflict. In 2010 Afghanistan’s last Christian church was destroyed. Mark Steyn provides this about revisions to the Afghan legal code, “Men and women who commit adultery shall be punished based on the circumstances by one of the following punishments: lashing, stoning.” Moreover, “said punishment shall be performed in public.” We’ve done a wonderful job of nation-building there haven’t we?

Conducted every three years the “Program for International Student Assessment” measures 15-year old student progress. Living up to our miserable reputation, US students ranked “17th in reading, 21st in science, and 26th in math” in 2012 but first in self-esteem. The US has decided to solve these dismal historical rankings by instituting something called “Common Core” or to be more technically precise, common crap. “Shanghai-China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Macau-China, (and) Japan…ranked one through seven”.

One would think that “intellectuals” in our education establishments would be flocking to these places to find out why they rank where they do. And then they would be instituting those lessons learned here. Or maybe we could hire administrators from those places to run our schools. Will anything good come from this last assessment? Nope, not as long as we have a teacher’s union as part of the president’s cabinet and not as long as there is a federal Department of Education.

According to Census Bureau data, four of the six wealthiest counties in the United States are near Washington DC. Having been stationed in Washington, that doesn’t surprise me. I’ve since told everyone who was going to or thinking about going to Washington to enjoy it because there is so much to see. I always recommend that they do three additional things. Notice all of the really expensive cars driving around them, take note of number and size of high-end homes, and note the number of corporate high-rise buildings in and around the city.

Expensive houses, fancy cars, and corporate presence are in Washington for two reasons. The federal government is there and too much money is going to Washington. We left 13 years ago and returned this last summer. I can guarantee that it is far worse now.

That leads me to solving your quest to becoming a multi-millionaire if you have a college degree in a “studies” something or other useless discipline and don’t have the greatest talents in the world. Go to Washington. Get a job in the federal bureaucracy, any job. Marry someone else who is employed in government. Stay married. Retire young and then hire-on with a contractor who supports the agencies you and your wife worked for. Double-dipping, you and your wife will be making a small fortune. Somewhere along the line buy an estate out in the countryside and “live happy ever after.”

Except for the being married to another bureaucrat part, I could have done that too, but I despise the place. My little Minnesota farm is good for my heart and soul but not always so good for the pocketbook. My pocketbook isn’t what is most important.


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3:09:51, Jan 19th 2014

Scottb says:

Do you not have responsible editors at the Journal? Where did he get his statistics anyway? .. did he just make them up as usual? or search through multiple sets of stats to find one that he liked? And the phrase..."Ghetto values.. " doesn't that strike anyone else as stereotypical..i.e. racist?
Mr Peterson lost a child Mr Gudmundson... have some respect


10:31:01, Jan 19th 2014

Get With It People says:

Sorry to disappoint, but if you looked at the category that this piece is under, it's a commentary piece. Therefore, editors can't just change what they feel to please you. It's an opinion, that's not the job of an editor. Nor is it their job to fact check a commentary writer's resources. This isn't freshman composition class!


4:59:04, Jan 20th 2014

scottb says:
.. freedom of speech, I get it, however as a newspaper of the people you should take a strand against hatred and intolerance of all forms. The Journal apparently supports the racists attitude of Mr. G or they wouldn't continue to allow his column to be printed. I too shall exercise my freedoms and no longer read the Journal.


10:04:04, Jan 20th 2014

MNFarm1976 says:
scottb, The Fillmore County Journal has to give both sides of an issue equal press exposure, whether or not said views agree with yours. You might be surprised to read this but, not everyone shares the same values as yours, whatever they may be. If the Journal refused to air Mr. Gudmundson's commentaries for whatever reason, then they shouldn't publish any and all commentaries that are submitted for publication. The owner of the Journal can't pick and choose the commentaries he publishes. I've never really read Mr. Gudmundson's commentaries, or any of the other commentaries that involve hot button topics for that matter, as all they all are commentaries, where people are able to use "facts" or "make up facts" to try to prove their points.

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