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Sunday, October 23rd, 2016
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Habitat for Humanity is coming to Chatfield

Fri, Jan 10th, 2014
Posted in Chatfield Business Announcements

A steering committee has been formed in Chatfield, Minn., to bring Habitat for Humanity to our community. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit, grass-roots, ecumenical Christian ministry. Its mission is to eliminate sub-standard housing and homelessness by partnering with community members to build simple, decent houses. Habitat uses volunteer labor and tax-deductible donations of money and materials to build affordable homes with financially eligible partner families, and then sells the homes to those families using no-interest loans. The new homeowners’ monthly payments go into a revolving Fund for Humanity that finances houses for more families.

Habitat has been doing this work worldwide since 1976. In 1994, Habitat for Humanity Winona County was formed. In 2009 it built its first home in Fillmore County, and in 2010 officially expanded its service area to become Habitat for Humanity Winona-Fillmore Counties. The organization has built 48 homes through 2013. Chatfield’s new Habitat committee will operate as a part of Habitat Winona-Fillmore. We are thankful to Chatfield Lutheran for initiating this venture, but our goal is make this a truly community-wide effort.

Habitat in Chatfield will likely begin on a modest scale, with Habitat’s “A Brush with Kindness” program. A Brush with Kindness helps low and moderate income homeowners accomplish exterior home improvements and repairs--for example, painting, roofing, windows, wheel-chair ramps, and similar projects--that homeowners would not otherwise be able to do. The program is not free: That is not the idea with any of Habitat’s work. The homeowner is requested to make a down payment for materials, and the balance is financed with a no-interest loan. But for many families and individuals, including senior citizens, A Brush with Kindness has provided a practical means of restoring the habitability of deteriorating housing. Eligibility is based on level of need and ability to repay the loan. Neither race nor religion is considered. The program is for homeowners--rental properties are not eligible.

To be successful in Chatfield, Habitat will need donations of money, labor and materials. If you would like more information about Habitat for Humanity, go to the website at For further information about how you can help Habitat start up in Chatfield, contact Julie Young, (507)867-3170,

Our First Fund Raising Event

To begin our fund raising we will have a Rummage/Antique/Bake Sale and FREE-WILL DONATION soup lunch. This event will be part of the Chill Fest celebration in Chatfield on Saturday, January 25th. The Rummage/Antique/Bake sale and FREE-WILL DONATION soup lunch will be held at the United Methodist Church, 124 Winona St. S.E., from 9:00-1:00 p.m.

We are accepting donations for this event. If you would like to donate items or make a monetary donation please contact Julie Young, (507)867-3170.


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9:45:10, Sep 17th 2014 says:
Okay they gave you the we want to help the world and full of kindness story. Now you want the real story of Winona/Fillmore habitat for humanity. I may be so bold and say they are not here to do you any good. There is not one oz of kindness in the people that run this areas program. For starters do the math people don't take the word from me only. As it stands they own the notes on 48 homes each home owner is paying back about 70-80,000 for the cost to build the home and about 200 to set to repay loan from every home owner each month so take 200x 48x12= 115200 per year that should be to build new homes and they do it correct with HUD programs etc they should be able to build 2 homes every year just in home repayments . check and see if that has happened. And house wasn't to code and installed a roof known to have issues and after 7 years need to be replace. fill in yard was taking from a dump and full of glass which they wouldn't correct No-interest loan they charged me 8% so that's is a lie and have seen them steal from home owners and would not take my house payment and foreclosed on me and forced us out 2 weeks before Christmas. They are taking in lots of money and its being wasted and moved to another account not for building homes. This all is fact people

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