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Tuesday, December 6th, 2016
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Preston City Council approves Preston Emergency Service to purchase

Fri, Dec 6th, 2013
Posted in Preston Government

The Stryker Power Cot is guaranteed to reduce cot related injuries. Preston Emergency Services was granted permission to invest in this new equipment with the support of AGSTAR, Preston Fire Department, and Preston City Council. Photo submitted

Preston Emergency Service receives $2,500 grant from AGSTAR. Preston Emergency used the grant along with funds given by Preston Fire Department to Purchase a Masimo Rad-57 Carbon Monoxide Oximeter. This device is able to read oxygen levels and carbon monoxide levels which are attached to hemoglobin. Our current monitor cannot read the difference between oxygen and CO, which will result in a false reading of the oxygen level. This monitor will be used to treat victims of carbon monoxide poisonings also used during fire rehab.

Preston City Council approves Preston Emergency Service to purchase Stryker Power Cot and Lucas CPR device.

The Stryker Power Cot is guaranteed by Stryker to reduce cot related injuries. Forty seven percent of EMS workers have sustained back related injuries with a majority of injuries caused by lifting or lowering patients. The Stryker Power Cot is powered by a 24 volt battery that operates a hydraulic system that lifts and lowers the cot with a touch of a bottom reducing the need for our volunteers to strain their backs lifting the cot and patients. The cot was also ordered with the optional XPS (expandable patient surface) which includes a wider and thicker mattress and side rails that adjust to seven different positions to give additional surface area to allow our patient to have a more comfortable ride.

The Lucas CPR system is a mechanical device that provides CPR automatically to a patient who is in cardiac arrest. For Preston EMS the Lucas system highlights two topics; advanced patient care and staff efficiency. One of the most important and demanding calls we can be on is a cardiac arrest with CPR. Manual CPR is very exhausting physically and mentally. With our minimum two person crew a CPR attempt can be very difficult without additional volunteers being called upon for assistance. With the Lucas System, CPR can be administered with minimal staffing and provide better quality compressions. During manual CPR the national average hands off time is 22 percent and increases to nearly 29 percent during transport; our on-scene and transport time to meet Advanced Life Support or to Mayo Clinic averages 60 minutes. Lucas system can be placed on the patient and allow a crew of two to transport to the nearest location and reduce that hands off time to 9 percent and increase the blood flow by as much as 60 percent. With the Lucas CPR system a single patient can be administered an additional 13 minutes of CPR or 6.5 additional cycles of CPR or six more possibilities of a shock during that 60 minute transport to the closest medical facility.

The Lucas system is a very rare in our rural areas it is more commonly used in Hennepin County where they have had great success with device. In one case, one of the Paramedics collapsed while on-duty, the paramedic’s partner was able to attach the Lucas to his co-worker and begin CPR until another crew arrived. The paramedic was resuscitated after 68 minutes of CPR performed by the Lucas. Another case in Hennepin County was a successful resuscitation after two hours and 45 minutes of CPR performed by the Lucas System which is really unheard and nearly impossible for a team of responders to provide hand on CPR for that length of time it would only be possible with a mechanical CPR device.

Preston EMS strives to provide the most advanced and highest quality care that is available to our residents, this is only a couple of steps we are making to take our service to the next level of care for our community. A power cot and Lucas system costs nearly $15,000 a piece, so we have purchased one of each for our service but look to purchase the same equipment for our second ambulance in the future. Purchases like this would not be possible without the donations we receive from our residents. We are so fortunate to serve such a supporting community.

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