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Monday, August 29th, 2016
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280,000 Minnesotans to see changes to health insurance thanks to MNsure

Fri, Nov 22nd, 2013
Posted in All State of Minnesota

By Jason Wenisch

ST. PAUL – Minnesotans who purchase their own private health insurance received some troubling news recently, as a WCCO radio report nearly 280,000 Minnesotans will be forced to give up policies they like, with doctors of their choosing, for policies that will be more expensive and involve services they do not want.

State Representative Greg Davids (R-Preston) says he’s already hearing complaints from local residents who are outraged they are losing their preferred health care option.

“So much for that ‘if you like your health care policy, you can keep it’ promise,” Davids said. “This program seems to create a new problem every week, and more than a month and half in, no Minnesotans have been able to complete enrollment because MNsure officials are still unable to transfer applicant information to health plans.”

More bad news for MNsure came from the non-partisan Minnesota Legislative Auditor’s Office recently. You’ll recall a MNsure security breach in September, when a MNsure employee emailed the personal data, including social security numbers, of more than one thousand Minnesotans to someone who should not have received it.

The Legislative Auditor recently completed an investigation of the matter, and he concluded: “MNsure officials have portrayed the unauthorized disclosure of private data as an isolated mistake by an individual employee. That version of what happened overlooks a series of significant decisions made not by the employee who inadvertently disclosed private data but by others at MNsure. The MNsure employee who disclosed private data made a mistake, acknowledged it, and was terminated. However, our findings demonstrate that what occurred was more than ‘an HR issue’ involving one employee.”

Davids said the continued MNsure follies have become a statewide embarrassment.

“Remember, Governor Dayton called this data breach a ‘little mistake’ a few weeks ago,” Davids said. “Had Governor Dayton and legislative Democrats not been so reckless in implementing Minnesota’s version of Obamacare, maybe we wouldn’t be having these continued problems.”

“The top priority for Democrats this session has to be finding a fix for MNsure,” Davids continued. “Minnesotans in need of affordable health care are suffering. Taxpayers who have already paid more than $150 million for a nonfunctional state agency are irate. New solutions are needed here, because MNsure as it stands today creates more problems than it solves.”


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5:40:17, Dec 4th 2013

Kiko says:
I feel the pain for anybody feeling the effects of this health care law. On the other hand the voters had the chance to get rid of it but decided to vote back into office, and in Minnesota, control of both houses to go along with the Govenor's office the liberal leaning, freebies for everyone, bike paths, nice ride bikes, tax increasing, union boss backers and light rail promoters (fantasy projections) into office in 2012.

Maybe now people will realize elections have consequences and either they decide in 2014 to limit government intrusion or get more of the same.

Govt should be run like a business and voters need to demand that it does and quit voting only on thier personal special interests. The Republican party screwed up in 2011 & 2012 when they decided to push personal social issues instead of staying focused on state fiscal issues. Their stupidity helped drive the voting public to give us what we have today....

Government ineptitude.

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