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Saturday, December 10th, 2016
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Fantastic, Falcons

Mon, Nov 18th, 2013
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Wow! What a year, what a last couple weeks, for the Fillmore Central volleyball team. The 2013 state tournament was an amazing trio of days for any Falcon fan or former graduate (like the writer of this column). All state trips are special. This one was probably a bit more extraordinary for FC. They, or we’ve, never been there before! And the number of fans in attendance showed it. FC generally held a 2-to-1 edge in fan support. Legions of Falcon backers made the trip. It was amazing to look up from press row, across the court, and see the FC section at the Xcel Energy Center ¾ full, then look behind and see it maybe ¼ full of the adversary’s fan’s. Minnesota State High School league officials even noted FC’s fan following. It wasn’t the only thing they noted. John Millea, the MSHSL media specialist, said, and I’m paraphrasing a little, ‘FC is Class A school with a Class AA or AAA band! They’re worth the price of admission themselves!’ Using an exact word, he called the band ‘fabulous.’

And the girls, likely a bit overwhelmed, but certainly not under-talented, did their best to give the legions a show. They blazed a trail no other FC team had ever carved out. It was obviously a super-emotional ride that ended in defeat, but that was overall such a massive success. Every last one of those girls, their families, every Falcon supporter, will certainly remember the 2013 season. For certain families, the Case’s and Malley’s in particular, it’ll probably go down as some of the most memorable weeks of their lives. Coaching now days, if often a family affair. Parents take on the responsibility at an early level cause they want to, and then at a higher level, they don’t want to see somebody else do so, so they do so themselves. Denise Case and Travis Malley have coached the Falcons, their daughters Taylor and Morgan, for a few years now. Ashley Case (daughter) is an assistant coach. Melissa Malley (mom) is rarely far from the team, and neither is Troy Case (dad). It was truly a close-knit affair. Many people probably also saw the Falcons decorated volleyball bus. Well, Leah Scheevel’s dad Mark owns Harmony Transit, so that was a nice memorable artistic addition to the season! Tori Peterson sister’s, Alex, a 2011 Fillmore Central graduate, and current St. Mary’s University volleyball stand-out, took time out of her busy college academic and athletic schedule, to be at little sis’ games, as well as the Bakke’s and Barnes’s and Armstrong’s and if I’m leaving you out, it’s only cause I don’t know you (or I just can’t begin listing everyone I see at games)!

Pictures were worth a thousand words. Two I took stood out. One was of Taylor on a different level. After slamming down the kill that sent FC to the state finale, she stood a bit taller than her teammates. They were unintentionally almost bowing. It was almost poetic to the girl who is now the bar for individual volleyball achievement at Fillmore Central. The other was after FC finally lost. Embraces were many, but none more touching that that between Taylor and Morgan. Great friends who always warm-up together, it was just one of those moments. You could almost see what Taylor was thinking, something like ‘I’ve played my last game with you!’ or ‘you’re never going to set me up again!’ or ‘we’ll never play together again!’ It could almost bring a 6’0” 235-pound 35-year old man with a 385-pound bench press to cry, almost! And in the end, the Falcons got their trophy and medals from another member of the FC family, Mr. Lane Powell, who while not leading FC’s outstanding band, is on the MSHSL board of directors. And then the girls got the fire truck treatment on the way back through Fountain, Preston, and Harmony, commendations from each city, and a huge welcome home. Harmony gym was about ¾ full on a Sunday afternoon. And then the 5-star business conglomeration, courtesy of Mary Sikkink and Joyce Hellickson, won the auction for an autographed volleyball at the Falcons welcome home ceremony. The price a measly $2000 (to go to the Falcon booster club)! Heath Olstad and Chris Mensink were scrambling for more pens and more volleyballs! What’s the word for all of that…priceless?

Almost every other team in the Class A tournament had been there before very recently. They go to state often. That almost ruins it for them. When you expect it, you don’t cherish. When it comes out of the blue (even if it could’ve been somewhat prognosticated), like FC’s 2013 volleyball season, you cherish it, relish it. Congratulations to Tay, Tor, Morg, Sammi, Leah, Tayah, Sara, Lariss, the second unit, Denise, Malley-boy, and everyone else associated with Falcon volleyball. You made it happen. Fillmore Central is finally off the state schneid! And now I have to go back to being an impartial writer for all the counties teams!


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2:53:19, Nov 18th 2013

mark scheevel says:
paul, you have said it all! it is truly an event that we as parents will never forget. thank you and the journal for all of your falcon coverage. I look for your sports coverage every week. thanks again


5:27:16, Jan 2nd 2014

living in harmony says:
I think the parents that had booze on the bus, going to the game . Should of been kicked off the bus. Shame on you


9:55:29, Jan 3rd 2014

MNFarm1976 says:
living in harmony: what's your proof that parents had booze on the bus? It's pretty damn easy to make up statements like that in an anonymous forum like this.


3:09:56, Jan 19th 2014

living in harmony says:
I was on that bus


10:10:39, Jan 20th 2014

MNFarmboy says:
living in harmony, anyone posting anonymously could say that they were on that bus. Heck, even I could say I was on that bus, even though I wasn't. Why did you wait over a month to comment on a story that was published back on Nov. 18? Did you take your concerns to the school board?


12:26:18, Jan 20th 2014

livinginharmony says:
OMG do I need to show you the pic's. I took it to the school----maybe i didn't post right away cuz my puter was down...who in the helll made you post police----you need to get a life----lol glad i'm not you. i could name the parents off that had the booze. most likely one of them was you