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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016
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Who shut down the government?

Fri, Nov 15th, 2013
Posted in Wykoff Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

Yvonne Nyenhuis recently posted a letter stating the Republicans caused the shutdown, thus causing Memorial sites in the D.C. area to be closed...along with all other federally controlled areas. What on earth is the rationale behind that statement? Wishing blame can be placed on those we dislike does not make it so.

Fellow citizens, the facts are thus: The House of Representatives sent the Senate a budget that fully and responsibly funded ALL aspects of government 100%...excluding the now infamous [UN] Affordable Care Act. The majority of House members knew it was bad law and was not ready to be implemented. Time has proven them correct and we have not begun to see the disastrous effects of this horrible juggernaut that has been foisted on the public with lies and subterfuge.

Legislation by failing to fund is by no means unprecedented. It has been used before by both Democrats and Republicans and heretofore always resolved by negotiation. This time one side refused to negotiate; Senate Democrats and our less than honest Chief Executive. Who engineered the shutdown? Let’s take a look at the logistics.

The signs closing the federally controlled memorials and parks went up the morning after the infamous shutdown. How did that happen? It had to be planned by Mr. Obama and his regime months in advance. How else do professional signs commissioned by the feds get prepared by the hundreds? They must be designed, reviewed, sent out for bids, and awarded. Contracts must be sent out, signed, and returned.

Materials ordered, signs made, and shipped to their intended locations. Workers must be tasked with their installation on sign posts that undergo the same process. This all takes MONTHS. It does not happen like magic folks. We all know how long the Feds take to accomplish anything!

So who planned and caused the shutdown? The proof is there for any fair minded person to see. If Ms. Nyenhuis has proof to the contrary, I challenge her to provide it. I suspect, fellow citizens, we will not see much of a response.

Jeff Erding

Wykoff, MN

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