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Elderly please beware ...

Fri, Nov 8th, 2013
Posted in Preston Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

I have received two phone calls this week from callers that state they are calling from the Medicare Office and they will be mailing out your new Medicare card along with a free packet of good stuff. FIRST they want to confirm your phone number which, of course, they already know and then they want your address, which they also have as the second caller gave mine to me and then asked if it was correct. I asked her how she got it, and she ignored my question and went on to say there was one more thing she needed and they would get my FREE packet in the mail. THEY WANT TO KNOW WHERE YOU BANK. The first caller hung up immediately when I told her she did not need my bank and this is fraud.

The second caller was more persistent. When she came on the line I politely asked for her phone number so I could call back if we got cut off. She told me, “You do not need my phone number. I AM CALLING YOU!” She then tried to persuade me to give her my bank telling me that this FREE packet was full of good stuff. I asked where she was calling from and she said, “I told you I was calling from the Medicare Office.” She then told me “I have others on line waiting to get this FREE packet. Just give me the name of your bank so I can mail your FREE packet out.” Of course, I did not give her what she wanted and she hung up. I have notified the real Medicare Office and also my bank of what has happened. PLEASE, DO NOT EVER GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL CARD NUMBERS OR WHERE YOU BANK TO SOMEONE YOU DO NOT KNOW!

Joan Clement

Preston, MN

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