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Friday, October 21st, 2016
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Musings from the back porch!

By Judy Thomas

Fri, Oct 25th, 2013
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There once was once a lady who requested a ‘pie’ oh my, and not just any pie, not canned and not made with fresh peaches covered with glaze, but an old fashioned peach pie, thickened with tapioca! This lady is a very dear friend of mine and does not ask for many guilty pleasures and even offered up some fruit and sugar to help the project on its way. Since I needed additional fruit, I stopped into the local food emporium and checked out the peaches and decided instead to add a few nectarines to the mix to use as they looked very good and juicy. In due time the pie came to be and I delivered it alone with a Subway sandwich and we proceeded to dine together while she kept exclaiming, “What a large pie” (I had it in a 10” pie plate) and “who is going to eat all this pie?” This is where my brain kicked in and I asked her if she wanted to call somebody and invite them over to share? She thought a moment and thought it would be a good idea. So, we called the neighbors across the street, no answer, left message. Called daughter and husband, no answer, left message. Called daughter, no answer, left message. Called a friend, ah ha! We were in luck, she would come and share a slice of pie with us. Knock on door - in walks neighbor and wife, knock on door, here comes daughter and husband, then in walks the friend followed by a second daughter. Seems everyone was sitting outside enjoying the evening or doing evening walks. But when they got the message, they all decided to come and share the dessert and fun. Just goes to prove that you never know the power of food and sharing. We all had a good time and conversation flowed freely. By the way, the pie recipe is nothing special, but I will share it with you anyway.

Fresh Peach Pie

10” pie tin

375 degrees first 15 minutes

350 degrees (30-35 min.)

Pie Crust:

2/3 cup Crisco

2 cups of flour

Pulse in food processor until crumbly, add enough ice water (about 7-9 Tbs.) while pulsing the crumbs to form a ball or dough sticks together. Remove from machine and wrap in plastic wrap, refrigerate the dough up to an hour or overnight (this gives the flour to incorporate fats ad moisture and makes it easier to handle. If you do not have a food processor, put it on your Christmas list, if you love to cook, it’s an essential kitchen gadget. It saves time and energy in completing many prep tasks.


4 peaches peeled - sliced

3 nectarines peeled - sliced

Place in bowl and add:

1 cup sugar

3 Tbs. minute tapioca

1 tsp. almond flavor

1/2 tsp. vanilla flavoring

1 tsp. cinnamon

Lets sit a few minutes for sugar to start pulling juice from fruit.

Mix well to distribute tapioca.

Roll out crust, fill pie tin, with fruit mixture, put on top crust, seal, brush top crust with butter and sprinkle with sugar (can use colored for pretty appearance) Bake as directed (oh yes, pie should serve 10 easily and is great with ice cream. Enjoy!

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