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Mon, Oct 21st, 2013
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ST. PAUL – State lawmakers recently learned about the performance of MNsure - Minnesota’s version of Obamacare - and State Representative Greg Davids (R-Preston) said the results are startling and


“Zero people have completed enrollment because the system wasn’t ready for prime time,” Davids said. “Worse, out of five million Minnesotans, only 3,769 people have had enough interest to create a MNsure account and learn more about the program.”

Davids said part of the problem stems from MNsure’s failure to distribute necessary application information to participating health plans. Without it, a person cannot enroll.

“Minnesota taxpayers have already spent $150 million on MNsure in order to meet the demand of the uninsured, yet the program isn’t functioning the way Democrats guaranteed it would,” Davids said.

The enrollment numbers are troubling because Governor Dayton and legislative leadership promised MNsure would be self sustaining. Davids noted that the longer MNsure remains in disarray, the more people will become frustrated with the program and fail to actually acquire health insurance. If fewer people enroll in the program than anticipated, the health insurance tax for those who do participate in MNsure will be higher.

“If MNsure fails to meet goals, Minnesotans will pay more for health insurance,” Davids said. “Southeastern Minnesota already had the highest health insurance rates in the state under Mnsure, and those numbers will continue to rise if this pathetic performance continues.”

“Next session, it’s up to Governor Dayton and the Democratic leadership that forced this expensive nonsense down our throats to take some responsibility and fix the program,” Davids continued. “MNsure was hastily cobbled together and it’s clearly not working. When you’re spending hundreds of millions every year in order to provide Minnesotans cheap health care, then discover Minnesotans can’t sign up

and that the health care isn’t cheap, that’s a pretty clear sign that you’ve failed.”


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8:48:21, Oct 25th 2013

Facts says:
Zero people have enrolled? That is a lie, I know this because I am 1 of 2 people that have completed enrollment and now have affordable healthcare for the first time in 8 years.
Why not help distribute information, educate the public, and make this a success instead of crossing your arms, stomping your feet, and pouting because the public didn't allow you to have your way.