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Monday, September 26th, 2016
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Guest Commentary: The reality of wars and elections

Fri, Oct 18th, 2013
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Jeff Erding

By Jeff Erding

A couple of editorials recently expressed the view that “in war, there are no winners.” One was in the Rochester paper and the other was in the Fillmore County Journal and submitted by a person I like and respect. I’m puzzled and disturbed by that point of view; is that really what the person intended to say or should we interpret it to mean war is bad and should be avoided if at all possible?

If so, the point was poorly stated; wars have consequences and almost always have winners and losers. One of many examples is World War ll. Adolph Hitler, ever the far sighted planner and organizer, had the administration of the newly conquered United States and Canada all neatly laid out. The continent was divided into districts and each district had a German supervisor already chosen! Hitler failed to follow up on his initial victories in Europe and overreached by invading Russia, which gave the USA time to mobilize. Given the extra time, America and her allies rallied, broke the military codes of the Axis powers, and by tremendous sacrifice and not a little luck, prevailed. The cost was terrible and the effects are still being felt today. But make no mistake, WARS HAVE WINNERS AND LOSERS. To say otherwise is to denigrate the sacrifice of the many patriots who fought and sometimes died to create and preserve the precious freedoms that many of us take for granted.

Another “ War” is taking place right now in America. Most of us think it’s over government spending and the Affordable Care Act. What we are actually seeing are merely symptoms of a much bigger battle. What we are seeing is the attempt by secular progressives to bring about a new and different America. An America where traditional family values are scrapped and “diversity” is king. An America where personal effort and initiative goes unrewarded in favor of “a level playing field.” Where achievement in the classroom or in sports is downplayed because some less motivated or less able people might feel “marginalized.” An America where the majority of citizens are so dependent on government largess they are powerless to resist, and ultimately those in charge can do anything they want.

Ridiculous, you say? Not at all. The leadership of the Secular Progressive movement believes the world is at risk from the threat of pollution, nuclear war, and human caused global warming. The only way to save the world from itself [they believe] is to gain complete control and create a New World Order; The Federation as in the television show Star Trek, if you please.

Why else the relentless push for gun control? Never in history has the condition of mankind been improved when law abiding citizens are debarred the use of arms. Progressives know this. It’s about control.

Why do we have “Earned Income Credit” which allows people who have paid little or no taxes to get a “refund” many times what they have paid in? Why are there regulations that coerce lenders into risky home loans? Why does our federal government refuse to enforce immigration laws and then order the Justice Department to sue any state that tries to get control of its borders? Why are convicted aliens released by the thousands at the behest of the executive branch? Why are known illegal aliens given food stamps and drivers licenses? Why do progressives resist such a simple thing as a requirement to provide a picture I.D. in exchange for the right to vote? All these things are designed to buy votes, which translates to POWER and CONTROL.

Our current president is perpetrating the most egregious assault on personal freedom in the history of our nation and for the most part we are standing around like sheep. The reason he is refusing to end the current budget stalemate is this; it is providing a smoke screen for ongoing freedom destroying activities.

While everyone is distracted, the Feds can continue to spy on us by monitoring phone calls and e-mails. The Progressives can use the power of the IRS to crush the opposition even as tax exempt status is granted without question to groups that rally to the liberal progressive cause. The First Amendment rights of the press can be violated with impunity if any writer or newscaster dares to oppose the left wing agenda or expose it to honest citizens.

The Affordable Care Act is nothing more than another knot in the noose of government dependence that is slowly but undeniably being tightened around our necks. If it was a smooth and well operating system that truly performed as our president promised us, it would still be terrible legislation and bad for America. Why? BECAUSE IT REWARDS NON-ACHIEVEMENT. The less you make, the bigger the subsidy received. Does that sound like an incentive to be productive and work hard? To improve the condition of your family?

So who is at fault in the present federal budget crisis? We have already established it is a godsend to Mr. Obama and his regime. Many are blaming House Republicans and the Tea Party. Are they at fault?

The 2010 election saw control of the House change for two main reasons: Many voters wanted Obama Care abolished and government spending brought under control. The House of Representatives has responsibility to control spending. It sent the senate a budget that funded all aspects of government 100 percent EXCEPT the Affordable Care Act. [Remember, this was rammed through by House Democrats with no input or opportunity to debate, amend, or even review it by Republicans.] Are House Republicans at fault for failing to fund a program they and the people who elected them know is a terrible piece of legislation? Aren’t they just doing the job they were sent to do?

Meanwhile who have stated time and again refusal to negotiate? Mr. Obama and Senate Democrats. They are happy to sit back and let the budget crisis distract the folks from all their blunders and Constitutional violations. Good strategy on their part but not good for our Nation.

Through it all, fellow citizens, there is cause for hope. My Grampa Erding always said: “From the time you’re born till you ride in the hearse, there’s nothing so bad it couldn’t have been worse.” The people still can vote in America. If we are smart enough to see through the smoke screen and care enough to show up for elections, we can turn this thing around.


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6:21:52, Oct 23rd 2013

Phil Hebrink says:
Wonderful way of explaining our current situation in America. Good connection with the past, and provides a clear view of where we are headed. Thank you for putting into words the way so many of us are feeling. Phil Hebrink