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Monday, December 5th, 2016
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Guest Commentary: David Williams

Fri, Sep 27th, 2013
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By MonicaRuth and Robert Hatch, Lanesboro, MN

Even without reading the news article attacking David Williams, the reflective responses to it compel us to elevate resolving life issues less toxically and more harmoniously, especially as they affect the Earth, home to us all. Grappling with issues needs to stay focused and not devolve into distractions such as personal attacks. These become heavy energies which impede movement toward resolution.

We want to remind people that all life is vibration and energy, based on the common denominator of atomic motion, and therefore all states of being and activities relate to each other as harmony or disharmony, creation or disintegration. Uniquely, humans can choose to live creatively or destructively.

Our words are extensions of our positive or negative impact on the world. The very phonetics of words portrays this. The word “assert” sounds its meaning, to impose. It begins with a gentle “a”, is thrust forward via its double “ss” and ends abruptly with the “ert”. Like a hammer driving a nail! The word “determine” comes off the tongue more balanced, like its meaning, to resolve. Each of its three syllables “de” “ter” “mine” have similar weight with the middle given slight emphasis. Like choosing an integrative design. Therefore self-assertion is much different than self-determination, in both intent and results. One denotes separateness the other oneness. So, words really matter!

The word “determine” describes how we think living through mindful and considered resolutions results in cooperative living on the planet. This thinking is supported by the depiction of earth in the documentary film “Home”, by Yann Arthus- Bertrand, presented at the St. Mane Theater Friday the 20th. We are all part of an integrated biosphere on this home world. Many of us are waking to the realization that some of humanity’s attitudes and ways are destructive of earth, our home, and therefore destructive of ourselves. Every toxic human activity requires intelligent, positive dialog toward the self-preservation all have a right to. Fracking is one of those toxic activities and must be addressed constructively by all voices because all are affected. Fracking is self-assertion by a few threatening self-determination by the many.

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