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Tuesday, September 27th, 2016
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Mr. Williams

Fri, Sep 13th, 2013
Posted in All Commentary

By E. Frances Sauer

Preston, MN 55965

In the ten (plus) years that I have known Mr. Williams I have witnessed him, willingly, share his organizational skills, planning strategies and his common sense perspective with non-profit organizations. Not once have I heard of him sending a bill or asking for compensation for sharing his knowledge with non-profit organizations. As many readers know, the steam that keeps non-profits going is VOLUNTEERS. People who volunteer don’t get paid and often are not reimbursed for money spent on copies, telephone calls, gasoline or other expenses involved with volunteering.

I am making this comment regarding what I consider a scathing article (Fillmore County Journal – Sept 2, 2015) about a person with whom I’ve worked in several organizations and whom I consider to be a friend: David Williams. I found the article in the FCJ to be scattered, distasteful and gossipy. It left me with many questions.

For instance, why was the name & profession of Mr. Williams’ father brought up in the article? Was it an easy way of proclaiming that David is a Black man, living in a county that is primarily Caucasian? And what was the purpose of including the information that his father died in 2000 of pneumonia at the age of 90? Why is that information relevant to this article? To me, the second paragraph of the article smacked of racism & I found it offensive. Meanwhile, the name dropping of Redd Foxx, Mickey Rooney, Lou Gosset, along with the resurrection of a 32 yr. old mistake, made me think I was reading a “gossip rag”. The type that many read while waiting in the check-out line of a store.

I am also perplexed regarding the allegation that Mr. Williams “was said to have been operating under the name ‘Williams Consultancy.’ The word “consultant’ can cover a large range of subjects, everything from beauty to business to long-term care to software and the list can go on and on. I know Mr. Williams has been instrumental in helping people get organized and set up business plans to reach their business goals. Goals that have no requirement of legal consult, but instead require guidance in the strategy of how to get to that goal. Why is it assumed that Mr. Williams would only be capable of being a legal consultant? When, in fact, most everyone reading this comment would be capable of being a consultant of more than one subject. Consultants for subjects ranging from how to buy healthy livestock, quilting, organizing closets, repairing cars to lawn care are among us and some of them probably live next door! None of us are given just one talent or one subject of knowledge. Why do we pigeon-hole people?

The next piece of the article that puzzled me was the following: “one of the cases involves William Junior’s participation in helping detail bylaws for the National Trout Center in Preston, MN”. Anyone, yes, ANYONE, including the people reading this comment, can write a set of bylaws. You can write bylaws for your business or organization or even for your family. Bylaws are broad rules that help keep us organized and keep the business, organization or family life flowing smoothly. The internet has a plethora of “How To” articles and templates with advice about writing bylaws. We live in a world where all types of information (legal, medical, accounting) is available on line. Volunteers bringing information to the table should not be chastised for volunteering to share that information. Instead they should be applauded for sharing new ideas and learned information. Why was Mr. Williams’ volunteered participation, to a group he belonged to, a problem?

Other questions that still need to be considered are:

Who (individual or business) stands to profit from keeping an educated volunteer from sharing pertinent knowledge with a non-profit or small organization free of charge?

Why would one assume the term “consultant” deals with only the previous profession of a person?

Does everyone who receives a misdemeanor charge get to have a two column article in the local paper, along with a brief biography of their deceased father & the revelation of a mistake made 30+ yrs. ago? Or does that only apply if you aren’t Caucasian?

Once a person is no longer licensed in a profession are they supposed to never speak of what they have learned? Now that I am retired and no longer carry a license to practice commercial Interior Design can I never help a friend pick out a paint color? Am I resigned to watch her make a mistake and paint the wall a calf scour yellow?

Questions? Oh, yeah, I have lots of them, but they are not about David Williams.


Your comment submission is also an acknowledgement that this information may be reprinted in other formats such as the newspaper.


11:31:02, Sep 13th 2013

Judge Judy Would Say says:

It appears to me that you have subjected yourself to lead-containing paint and its fumes for one too many years during your career as a commercial interior designer.

I think it's ludicrous for you to now indulge yourself now critiquing the structure of a journalism-based article just because you don't agree with the situation of the matter at hand. That being said, if my memory serves me correctly, the place where you conducted your was a shade of "calf scour" yellow, but don't quote me on that. Perhaps you should master one trade before moving on and criticizing another. However, There are more important things to be said here.

It is baffling that you take such offense to a publication that is just reporting on something that is in the court system. There are actually cases against Mr Williams. Though we're not convicting or clearing Williams of charges within this comment thread, you need to realize that nowhere in the article was Williams condemned of guilt.

Your commentary piece makes absolutely no sense. Your arguments are weak and "gossipy." And for one not liking the "heard on the street corner news," you sure like to add fuel to the fire.

As Judge Judy would say, when something doesn't make sense, it is not true. Therefore, I have reached the conclusion that your commentary piece is nothing by a compilation of imaginative fallacies that only hold true value in your delusional subconscious world.


11:04:51, Sep 15th 2013

Second thoughts says:
Thank you, Fran. David Williams has nothing to hide. It appears that his ill-tempered accusers are hiding ulterior motives. Can we mention frack-sand greed as a motive to add to possible racism?

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