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Monday, December 5th, 2016
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We Support our R-P Leaders

Fri, Aug 16th, 2013
Posted in All Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

This letter is in response to recent letters/commentaries from some individuals expressing opinions about the Rushford-Peterson School District. It is unfortunate when political opinions cannot be expressed without also attacking individuals; in this case, Superintendent Chuck Ehler and school board Chairperson Angela Colbenson were targeted by a small but vocal group of letter writers.

We feel the criticism of Mr. Ehler and Ms. Colbenson is unfair and full of unsubstantiated innuendo. We know these two to be persons of integrity who have been willing to sacrifice much in the interest of our schools. Mr. Ehler arrived in our district just prior to our community’s worst natural disaster in 2007 and immediately provided leadership and worked with FEMA to bring our schools through the crisis. Since then he has invested an incredible amount of time to improving our school, like meeting with legislators and officials in an attempt to obtain financial support for our district, and successfully writing grants for our schools, like the summer lunch program. Students’ academic scores in our district have risen since his arrival. Mr. Ehler goes above and beyond to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for our students, welcoming them to school himself and wishing them a great day. He attends numerous sports and music events, and on his weekends “off”, it is not unusual to see him doing something like landscaping around the school. In her short tenure as chairperson, Ms. Colbenson has provided sensible, balanced and cool-headed leadership to the school board.

We, the undersigned, express our support and gratitude to these leaders. There are many positive things happening at Rushford-Peterson! It is our hope that all those in our communities will work together in positive, respectful ways to meet the challenges we face as a school district.

Steve and Lanita Agrimson, Peterson

Brian Bauer, Rushford

Sarah Bearbower, Rushford

Brett Bergan, Peterson

Kaye Bernard, Rushford

Andrea Brand, Rushford

Judy Brand, Rushford

Jenni Bunke, Rushford

Kerry Connaughty, Rushford

Duane and Sonja Cook, Rushford

Jim Culhane, Rushford

Jake and Molly Dahl, Rushford

John DeGeorge, Rushford

Carolyn Dunham, Rushford

Mike and Patty Ebner, Rushford

Holly Ekern, Rushford

Michele Ekern, Rushford

Michelle and Tracie Erickson, Rushford

Dale and Shary Evavold, Rushford

Michael and Stephanie Evenson, Rushford

Pat Georgens, Rushford

Kristi Gudmundson, Peterson

Chris Hallum, Rushford

Matt and Jenny Helgemoe, Peterson

Tim and Lori Helgemoe,


Jon and Jennifer Hengel, Rushford

Darrel and Ellen Highum, Rushford

Gary and Sue Hoff, Rushford

Mike and Robin Honken, Rushford

George and Kathie Ingram, Rushford

Casey and Shannon Ingvalson, Rushford

Mike and Sandee Jeresek, Rushford

Kari Johnson, Peterson

Jerry and Shannon Kopperud, Rushford

Delaine Kjos, Rushford

Andy and Danielle Kvam, Rushford

Ilene Larson, Rushford

Gene and Lisa Lawston, Rushford

Nan Lesser, Rushford

Alan Lipowitz and Jan Smaby, Peterson

Chris and Shelly Malone, Rushford

Corey and Amy Mattson, Peterson

Helen and Virgil Mehus, Rushford

Roger and Ramona Metz, Rushford

Jeff Michel, Peterson

Dan and Brooke Mlsna, Rushford

Steve and Kris Murley, Rushford

Dick and Karen Nelson, Rushford

Vicki Nelson, Rushford

Helen Novlan, Rushford

Tim and Brenda O’Hare, Rushford

Tricia Parrish, Rushford

Lucille Peterson, Rushford

Ruth Peterson, Rushford

Andy and Jenny Prinsen, Rushford

Mike and Bonnie Prinsen, Rushford

Sheila Rislove, Rushford

Tony Rislove, Rushford

Bryan and Wendy Ruberg, Rushford

Maynard and Sharon Rustad, Rushford

Steve and Barb Sarvi, Rushford

Carrie Schiltz, Rushford

Audra Skalet, Rushford

Jodi Skalet, Rushford

Dean Stoa, Rushford

Erin and Davin Thompson, Rushford

Karen Thompson, Peterson

Tracy Todd, Rushford

David U’Ren, Rushford

Deann Vix, Rushford

Gary and Kathy Wade, Rushford

Jennifer Wood, Peterson

Al Ziebell, Rushford

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