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Thursday, October 27th, 2016
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Fillmore County Fair Announces 2013 Honorees

Fri, Aug 2nd, 2013
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By Barb Jeffers

Agricultural Society

Outstanding 4-H’ers

Each year the Fillmore County Agricultural Society recognizes one 4-H male and one 4-H female as outstanding 4-H’ers. These individuals go above and beyond the call of duty and ensure that their legacy is being passed down to younger 4-H members. The recipients this year are no exception!

This year’s male recipient has been involved in 4-H for over 10 years. He has a wide range of 4-H experiences including exhibiting both livestock and general projects at the fair as well as taking part in the 4-H Interstate Exchange with Michigan. He has been a county 4-H Ambassador and is always willing to do what needs to be done. He is always very patient with younger members and encourages and assists them so they are successful with their projects. Congratulations Cody Hendrickson!

The female recipient this year also has had many 4-H experiences. She has exhibited many general projects and has been involved in the beef project. She has served as an Ambassador and is currently serving as one of the Federation Historians. She has shared her love of food preservation and fruit with many younger members and is always willing to step up when called upon. Congratulations Ashley Bue!

Alumni Award

Each year Fillmore County 4-H recognizes the contributions of adults that were involved in 4-H in their own youth. This year we are excited to recognize a man and a woman.

This year’s female recipient has served as leader of her club, and as a coach of project bowl teams. She is a true advocate for the 4-H program and all of the activities that are associated, encouraging members to attend camps and activity days. She has spent countless hours preparing questions for project bowl and thinking up ways to keep the practices fun. Congratulations and thanks to Chris Troendle for all you have done for the 4-H program.

This year’s male recipient has served as leader of his club and has become involved in county project development committees. He is always willing to lend a helping hand. He may be seen helping with the sheep show or maybe assisting in the construction of gates for the new goat barn. Everything he does, is done with care and compassion. Thank you Dan Goldsmith for all you have done and congratulations!

Anthony Williams

Memorial Scholarship

This award is in memory of Anthony Williams and is focused on livestock and mechanical science projects. The recipient of this year’s award has been involved in many livestock projects including horse, sheep, swine beef, and rabbits. She has participated at the state fair and state horse show several times and is involved in judging teams and project bowl. Congratulations to Jenna Blumer!

Friend of 4-H Award

The friend of 4-H award is an award that Fillmore County 4-H presents to a business, group or organization that has supported 4-H. This year’s recipient was offered the opportunity to gift a significant amount of money to a charitable organization and they chose Fillmore County 4-H to give these funds to. The funds will be used to help promote the 4-H and grow the program. The families from this farm operation have been long time supporters Fillmore County 4-H with generations of involvement. Thanks so much to Sunnyside Farms, Darrel and Lois Ray and Greg and Cheryl Dornink.

Hall of Fame

Each year since the 4-H centennial in 2002, Fillmore County 4-H has inducted people or couples into its Hall of Fame. This year’s inductees have been involved in 4-H since their children got involved in the program nearly two decades ago. They have been very involved in their club and have served on county-wide committees. They are great go to people when something needs to be done and are always willing to share their experience with others and help others learn. We are pleased to induct the Scott and Jean Winslow family into our Fillmore County 4-H hall of fame!

Late Bloomer Award

Fillmore County 4-H recognizes adult volunteers who provide exemplary service and leadership to the program. One of the ways that these adults are recognized are through an award called the late bloomer award. This award is presented to someone who wasn’t in 4-H as a youth but has started to “bleed green” as an adult through support, mentorship and service. This year’s recipient got involved when her oldest daughter joined 4-H nearly 10 years ago. Since that time, she has really become involved with her club and on the county level. She has chaperoned county events such as the Ambassador sponsored lock-in, state fair, and numerous judging contests and project bowl trips. When her children are involved, you can bet that this woman won’t be far behind, providing goodies and a smile of support not only for her own children but for all the members involved. She and her husband are currently serving as club leaders of their club and she is a member of the fashion revue committee. Heather Hopp, we are glad that you have “blossomed” in our 4-H program! Congratulations!

Ruth Mae Amundson

The Ruth Mae Amundson award is presented to someone who has been involved in the home economic type general projects. This award is in memory of former Fillmore County Home Economist Ruth Mae Amundson. The recipient of this award has been extensively involved in the clothing and Fashion Revue and would make Ruth Mae very proud with her savvy fashion sense. Congratulations to Camille Rasmussen, this year’s recipient of the Ruth Mae Amundson Award.

2013 Fashion Review

The Fashion Revue judging results have now been announced, keeping everyone in great suspense! This year you may notice a few changes to the Fashion Revue, in an attempt to make this event more consistent with other general projects, there will be division champions named in each category and honorable mentions will also be presented. We also have new titles for the purchased and constructed categories, calling the purchased awards the Outstanding Stylist and the constructed awards the Outstanding Tailor.

In the Senior Tailor division, honorable mention ribbons go to Margaret Alexander of the Carimona Cruisers and Camille Rasmussen of the Root River Rabbits with Jackie Apenhorst of the Bloomfield Cloverleaves being named the Senior division outstanding Tailor.

In the Intermediate Tailor division, please join me in congratulating Sydney Eickhoff of the Challenging Workers as an honorable mention and Heather Apenhorst as the Intermediate Outstanding Tailor.

In the Junior Tailor division, honorable mention awards are presented to Allison Freese of the Lanesboro Livewires, Nicole Shultz of the Challenging Workers, and Nickolas Freese of the Challenging Workers. Please join me in congratulating Emarie Jacobson of the Norway Go-Getters as the Junior Outstanding Tailor.

In the Cloverbud division, the participants are not judged against one another, but each has had the chance to meet with the judge and go through the judging experience. We would like to recognize all of our Cloverbuds and have them step forward. Each participant will receive a water bottle with goodies as they leave the stage.

The overall champion for Outstanding Tailor is Jackie Apenhorst of the Bloomfield Cloverleaves and the Reserve Champion is Camille Rasmussen of the Root River Rabbits.

The state fair line-up for Outstanding Tailor is as follows:

1. Jackie Apenhorst

2. Camille Rasmussen

3. Emarie Jacobson

4. Margaret Alexander

5. Melinda Woods

6. Heather Apenhors

7. Nickolas Eickhoff

8. Amy Welch

9. Sydney Eickhoff

10. Allison Freese

11. Nicole Schultz

Reminder that all state fair trips MUST be claimed by 2 p.m. on Saturday!

The Senior division of Outstanding Stylist has an honorable mention to Camille Rasmussen of the Root River Rabbits and division champion to Jackie Apenhorst of the Bloomfield Cloverleaves.

The Intermediate division of Outstanding Stylist has the following honorable mention awards: Megan Hopp of the Root River Rabbits and Heather Apenhorst of the Bloomfield Cloverleaves. The Intermediate division champion for Outstanding Stylist is awarded to Kjersta Lind.

The Junior division of Outstanding Stylist has the following honorable mention awards: Nicole Schultz, Avalon Jacobson, and Emarie Jacobson. The Junior division champion for outstanding stylist is awarded to Nickolas Eickhoff of the Challenging Workers.

The overall champion for Outstanding Stylist is Jackie Apenhorst of the Bloomfield Cloverleaves and the reserve is awarded to Camille Rasmussen.

The state fair line up is as follows:

1. Jackie Apenhorst

2. Camille Rasmussen

3. Kjersta Lind

4. Nickolas Eickhoff

5. Heather Apenhorst

6. Emarie Jacobson

7. Amy Welch

8. Avalon Jacobson

9. Megan Hopp

10. Nicole Schultz

11. Kalli Kohlmeyer

12. Margaret Alexander

13. Bailey Ruen

14. Sydney Eickhoff

Congratulations to everyone!

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