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Tuesday, December 6th, 2016
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One Moment, Please... Striving for Improvements

Fri, Jul 26th, 2013
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As you’ve probably seen during the past month, we’ve been printing a survey in the Fillmore County Journal asking for reader feedback.

And, thankfully, we’ve received some excellent feedback. Here are a few things our readers have shared with our team.

“Don’t censor your online comments!”

Interestingly, this came from an anonymous submission. In response to that concern, we do not censor comments online at unless the comments include profanity. We are a family-owned newspaper, and we know that children can find their way to our website, and frankly I do censor profanity. Keep your comments clean, and you can share your thoughts.

Here’s another one: “I love the Fillmore County Journal - right next to my weekly paper. The only thing that I dislike is no names under photos. I’m sure people don’t want that. Also, ads that don’t state the town they represent. If you want to hire someone from an ad, you want to know WHERE they are from. It can’t cost that much more to place that in their ad for heaven’s sake. I like to patronize our small area people. No complaints here. Thank you -- just keep it coming!”

This is a great point made by one of our readers in Chatfield, and we have discussed how we can do a better job with providing more information in our photo captions. We will also suggest including towns in ads, but ultimately that is up to those who pay for the ads appearing in our newspaper.

In general, we feel it is important to continually invest our time, energy and resources into making the Fillmore County Journal the best source of local news in Fillmore County.

That’s why we started including “Where Fillmore County Local News Comes First” in the masthead of the newspaper each week.

But, in recent months, I took a step back and said we do a great job of covering meetings and events in cities like Preston, Harmony, Chatfield, Spring Valley, Lanesboro and Rushford. However, we tend to overlook the less populated communities in Fillmore County, and that’s not a fair representation of our entire readership.

So, in the past couple months, we strived to find reporters to provide more news coverage of more meetings in the smaller communities of Fillmore County. And, we got lucky!

Every month, we have a team of reporters covering every city council, school board and county board meeting under the Sun in Fillmore County. Below is the list of meetings and reporters we’ve added to the pages of the Fillmore County Journal in recent months. Hopefully you’ve noticed!

•Wykoff City Council - reporter Jackie Horsman

•Fountain City Council - reporter Barb Jeffers

•Ostrander City Council - reporter Jackie Horsman

•Houston Public Schools - reporter Angie Rodenburg

•Houston City Council - reporter Angie Rodenburg

•Mabel City Council - reporter Hannah Wingert

•Canton City Council - reporter Steve Harris

•Mabel-Canton Public Schools - reporter Hannah Wingert

•Whalan City Council - reporter Steve Harris

•Peterson City Council - reporter Kirsten Zoellner

•Rushford Village City Council - reporter Kirsten Zoellner

So, we’ve added 11 more city and school board meetings to our plate of news coverage each month.

And, we know we can always do better. Whether in print or online, we can do better. Just the other day, we had a meeting dedicated to discussing ways we can better serve our readers with our website and social media. There will always be opportunities for improvement. With your feedback and our insatiable drive for continuous improvement, we can do better.

So, please keep those surveys coming into our office. You are full of great ideas!

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