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One Moment, Please... Twenty Dollars

Fri, Jul 12th, 2013
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By Jason Sethre


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This past weekend, my wife and I celebrated 13 years of marriage. Since our wedding anniversary date fell on a Monday, and we would both be working that day, we decided to do something special on the Sunday before our milestone.

So, we hired a babysitter to watch our two children, and then we made our way to the Old Barn Resort and River’s Bend Golf Course. We figured it was a one-stop-shop for what we wanted to do that day.

Now, to be honest, I am not much of a golfer. If I golf more than once a year, that’s a big deal. And, my wife loves to go golfing, probably because she is a great golfer -- in my opinion.

However, both of us never get a chance to golf except the one time per year when we celebrate our wedding anniversary. This was something we started quite a few years back before our first child was born, and we’ve tried to keep the tradition going year after year.

So, we set out to golf nine holes, because a full 18 would seem like more work than fun for us.

And, after we racked up record high golf scores, we head to the Old Barn Restaurant. I won’t tell you our final scores, but I will tell you that my wife won by two strokes. I’d like to say that I let her win, but that wouldn’t be true. Every year she beats me just enough to keep me coming back for another round of golf. I guess I’m a sucker for punishment.

Well, after we sat down and ordered our meal at the Old Barn Restaurant, a woman stopped by our table. I noticed her and her husband dining a few tables away.

She overheard someone at the restaurant talk about my wife and I celebrating our anniversary.

With a welcoming smile, the woman asked us if we had any advice for newly married couples.

My wife replied, “Well, just remember that the woman is always right.”

Then the woman asked me for my advice, and I said, “We are all going to have many great friends throughout our lives, but it is important to recognize that your best friend will always be your spouse.” I didn’t know what to say, and that is what popped into my head at the moment.

After the woman congratulated us on our 13 years of marriage, I asked her how long her and her husband had been married. She replied, “We’ve been married 42 years, and almost didn’t make it a few times.”

While our conversation was brief, it was memorable and thoughtful. My wife and I went on to play a game of pool over at the table in the Old Barn Restaurant, and I eventually saw the long-time married couple vacate their table.

After our game of pool -- my wife won that game too -- we went back to our table, ate our food and headed to the bar to pay for our meals.

When the bill arrived, we were shocked. The total owed was tremendously lower than expected. Diane, who works at the Old Barn Restaurant, explained that the woman and her husband who came and chatted with us decided to pay $20 towards our bill.

The woman told Diane that she was a marriage counselor in the Twin Cities and just wanted to do something special for us on our wedding anniversary date.

Well, this was a pleasant pay-it-forward moment that made my wife and I both think about how we should do the same thing for someone else down the road when the opportunity arises.

We asked Diane if she had their name or anyway we could get a hold of the woman, and there was no contact information available. So, a complete stranger paid $20 of our dining tab after a brief encounter.

I’m not sure if the woman and her husband, now in their 42nd year of marriage, will ever read this commentary, but I hope it finds them in some way.

My wife and I would like to thank you for the $20 towards our meal, not just because you helped to cover the cost of our special occasion.

We want to thank you for your symbolic gesture, from one married couple to another.


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7:50:12, Jul 6th 2014

old married couple says:
don't know if you will see this-we were very happy to make your day special-we were at old barn 7/4/14 and were remembered by the staff-this made our day special too-good luck happy anniversary again this year