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More notes from the country kitchen

By Vicki Christianson

Fri, Jun 21st, 2013
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Mowing the yard! Do you love to do it or do you hate to do it? My co-worker, Sue, just loves to go home after work and push that ole lawn mower all over her yard! My husband, who has a brand new zero-turn riding lawn mower with stereo headphones hates to mow! Me – I can take it or leave it. We didn’t mow much when we were kids.

Our first mower was one of those old heavy push ones with no engine and several rotary blades. It took a lot of muscle to make that mower move. Sometimes two of us kids would get behind it and push in order to get the blades to turn and actually cut the grass! If the ground was rough or hilly, we didn’t stand a chance of making those blades turn. Mom usually did the mowing, but if there was a horse or cow or goat available, we could turn loose to take care of the grass, we did it! Eventually dad got an old used mower with an engine. It had a short rope with a knot on one end that you would wind around the pulley on top of the engine and then give it a pull for all you were worth! It usually took five or six good pulls before that mower would start.

After it started you tied the rope on the handle and took off. That mower didn’t have a safety handle – the kind you have today where if you let go of the handle the mower quits. Nope, if you let go of the handle the mower kept right on running. It didn’t have an off switch neither. You had to grab a twig and pull the spark plug wire off the spark plug to make it stop. Real safety features!! When the blades got dull (or after we ran over more gravel than grass) dad would just take them off and use his steel file on them. I know that several times I saw deep gouges in those blades that I am pretty sure came from all the rocks that us kids managed to run over. There wasn’t any “protective” shield over the grass exit site either. You just had to be careful that whatever came out of that area didn’t hit you in the leg or the face.

One time after we had moved to town mom was out pulling some weeds from around the house and the neighbor across the street was mowing his lawn. He hit a rock and sent it sailing across the street and right into mother’s “rear end”. She screamed bloody murder! We were sure she had been shot! She ended up with a bruise “back there” as big as a saucer! After that she made us kids stay indoors whenever the neighbor was mowing. When I was first married and lived down in Silver City, Iowa, I use to mow as Dennis worked late hours in the spring and summer. Not being to “smart,” I mowed barefoot! Yes, I know that it was a very bad thing to do as Dennis pointed out to me! About the third time I mowed barefoot I managed to step on a great big, huge green garter snake! I also screamed bloody murder and proceeded to chop that fellow up with my mower. After that experience I mowed with knee-hi socks, long pants, and lace up shoes! No more mowing barefoot!! Today I don’t mow much but I do all the trimming with my husky battery operated weed trimmer!

Simple But Good Jello Salad

2 small boxes raspberry jello

2 cups boiling water

2 boxes frozen raspberries

2 cups applesauce

Dissolve the 2 boxes of jello in the boiling water. Stir in the frozen berries and mix until all unthawed. Add the applesauce and mix well. Refrigerate. Can serve with Cool Whip and fresh berries.

Can also use strawberry jello and frozen strawberries or any jello/fruit combo you wish.

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