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Monday, September 26th, 2016
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The Biggest Loser Challenge ends

Fri, Jun 14th, 2013
Posted in Lanesboro Health & Wellness

Coffee Street Fitness & Dance began its six month Biggest Loser program back on January 7, 2013. Fresh off of New Year’s resolutions participants were eager to get started but hesitant on what their results would be when the six months were up.

The goal of the challenge was not only to lose weight but to also get healthy and fit. Each participant received a new exercise routine every week. They also managed the food they ate by paying attention to calories of protein, fat and carbohydrates in their diets.

Melinda Coscarelli Lutes, owner of Coffee Street Fitness & Dance, started the challenge for area residents and was available to the participants with any questions they had or for support when they needed it.

Now, six months later the challenge is complete. All the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into the workouts, the dieting, the weigh-ins…is finished.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the Biggest Loser is…Troy Huntington of Lanesboro, Minn.! Troy lost an amazing 87 pounds during the Biggest Loser Challenge. What an accomplishment! Troy says “it was a lot of hard work but very well worth it.” Troy stated that being in the program helped him immensely while watching others in their trials and successes and knowing “you’re not in it alone” gave him the drive to lose weight.

Melinda Coscarelli Lutes was a wealth of information and support to Troy through the Biggest Loser Challenge. Troy spoke of Melinda very highly saying, “Melinda is very willing to help you. You just have to ask her, and she will find what your body needs to help you be healthier.” This is what Troy did and it seems to have worked out very well for him.

Through the Biggest Loser Challenge Troy has learned that you need to be very certain of what you are eating and what is in it. Read the labels, and better yet don’t eat anything processed. Troy would recommend the program to others who feel they could use the help in learning how to eat healthier and get fit.

Tina Mayer, of Peterson, Minn., was the second place finisher in the Biggest Loser Challenge losing an impressive 58 pounds. Tina had a real dedication to living a more healthy lifestyle and this weight loss is the result of her hard work.

Tina stated early on in the challenge that her family and friends motivated her by giving her support, not only in losing weight, but helping out so she can find the time to exercise. Melinda was also available to answer any questions Tina had, and Tina described Melinda as very supportive and knowledgeable, which helped her very much throughout the challenge.

Coming in at third place, with only one pound of weight loss between second and third place, was Becky Holmen of Fountain, Minn. Becky lost a total of 57 pounds during the challenge with a total weight loss to date of 62 pounds. Congratulations Becky! Becky stated the most difficult part of the challenge for her was a four week period where she hit a plateau and was not losing weight. She stated, “It was hard to stay motivated and watch the numbers stay the same.” But she fought through it and the numbers started moving downward once again.

As Melinda has taught the contestants, “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change,” Becky said. She stated, “I have more energy and just feel better after I exercise.” Her family has been made more aware of what they are eating as well, which is an added benefit for the entire family. Becky plans on staying on Melinda’s program even though the Biggest Loser Challenge has ended.

Becky said that the Biggest Loser Challenge was “definitely rewarding” and she would recommend the program to anyone thinking about it to “check it out” she said. Becky stated “Go give it a try, it is so worth it,” she added.

Melinda Coscarelli Lutes says that she is very proud of their hard work and determination that got them to where they are now. Melinda stated, “They have proven that when you want something in life, you can achieve it!” The participants put in the hard work they needed to in order to reach their achievements.

Coffee Street Fitness & Dance can help anybody with their health and wellness goals at any time, not only during a Biggest Loser Challenge. With such a knowledgeable and supportive trainer as Melinda anything is possible.

The Biggest Loser Challenge has ended but for the participants who have found success, the real challenge will never end. In order to keep the weight off and become a healthier person, the lifestyle changes must remain a permanent part of their lives.

Melinda likes to say, “There is no greater gift that the gift of good health,” and she has given this gift to many people using an educational approach with a very personal touch.

For more information on Coffee Street Fitness & Dance contact Melinda at (507) 951-9980 or go to their Facebook page at

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